Sale Blitz: Little Doll

#SaleBlitz #LittleDoll #CartelSeries #MelissaJane #Maffia Title: Little Doll: The Complete Cartel Series Author: Melissa Jane Genre: Mafia Romance Release Date: February 26, 2017 One family rules them all. Hector and Juan Florez. A father and son, both dangerous and ruthless, who will stop at nothing and dispose of everyone to remain the kingpins of the cartel world.  Unwillingly … Continue reading Sale Blitz: Little Doll

DOUBLE Cover Reveal: Los Santos Cartel!

 #Series #LosSantosCartel #MelissaJane #EnticingJourney Series: Los Santos Cartel Never Trust a Saint (Los Santos Cartel #1) - Available NOW The Perfect Stranger (Los Santos Cartel #2) - Releasing October 25, 2016 Author: Melissa Jane Genre: Romantic Suspense (Cartel) A SAINT.   A protector from evil. One who without fear will lead you safely through darkness. … Continue reading DOUBLE Cover Reveal: Los Santos Cartel!