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Hello my loves! I wanted to have one place where you could read my reviews if you wanted to, so here you go! ♥


Favorites of 2018 Part 2


December 18 Reviews Part 2

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October 18 Reviews

Reclaimed by Elizabeth Knox Book Chat


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Series Blitz: Skulls Renegade MC Part One

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June 18 Reviews

Chit Chat Only 6.15.18

Skulls Renegade Series by Elizabeth Knox


May 18 Review

Your Rhythm by Katia Rose Book Chat

Always by Lindsay Becks Book Chat


March/April 18 Review

Damage Boys Series by Jo Raven Review

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February 18 Reviews

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Favorites of 2017 Part 2


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Prelude by Auden Dar Book Chat


October 17 Reviews Part One

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Jagged Edge by Jo Raven Book Chat


Eight Days in the Sun by  MK Schiller Book Chat

Hot Blooded Prize Fighter by Mickey Miller & Holly Dodd Book Chat

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Sex in the Sticks by Sawyer Bennet Book Chat


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Favorite Series: Audio 2016


April 16 Reviews Part One

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Can’t You See by Dawn Chiletz Review

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