Cover Reveal: I Kissed Her First

EEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I love everything about this so much!

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I Kissed Her First by Lindsay Becs

A Bound Together Novel Coming June 25th

Cover Design: Shepard Originals

Preorder I Kissed Her First–>

Theodore Tomlin III—or Teddy as I call him—my lifelong best friend. He’s the one to ground me when my free spirit takes flight and soars a little too high for our prim and proper families.

Or he was until the day Jett Leos moved to town.

Then it was the surfer and rebel skater boy from Malibu’s upper crust who, from that day on, soared with me. Jett is my soulmate, the one to hold my heart and set me on fire. We would always belong to each other.

Or so I thought—until the day he left me behind, destroying every dream we had for our future.

Now he’s back, and seeing him again isn’t anything like I expected. And too much has happened during the years in between…

Despite knowing I shouldn’t, I can’t stop my lips from yearning for another taste of his.

Then again, he did kiss me first…

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