Release Blitz: Dance in the Balance

YOU GUYSSSS!!!! Ya’ll know I love and adore Lindsay’s writing. SHE JUST DID MM LIKE NO BODY’S BUSINESS PEOPLE!!!! AND we got more Always peeps… SWOONNNNNN

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Dance in the Balance by Lindsay Becs

Live to One-Click Today:

From the moment I first lay eyes on him, I know I’m in trouble.  I can’t get enough of him.  His blushes, his touches, his kisses.  Him.

I don’t date.  I don’t do relationships—especially long-distance ones.

But I might now.

I’m falling so hard and so fast, holding on for as long as I can until my two worlds collide.

And they will.  They do.

Selfishly, I kept them both to myself, and now I might lose him because of it.

I’ve never been nervous around someone the way I am with him.  My words jumble up, and my heart hammers in my chest when he’s near.  This sexy, strong man tilts my world, knocking me off balance.

I’m in love with him before I realize it.

Then I find out he’s not who I thought he was.

And I think I’m the dirty secret he’s ashamed of. 

❤️MM Novella
🧡Single Dad
💚 Sweet & Sexy & Angst Filled
💙 Always Series/King Family Novels Spin-Off

I LOVED this book so much!!! I got SUPER invested in the characters to the Always series, so I’ve been beyond excited that we’ve seen more from them as she goes. This was such a great novella and we got the cutest sneak peek of Bexley!

I LOVED Max and Sergei!! After seeing their “meet cute” in Want Everything I desperately needed more!! These two had such a crazy instant attraction, no, hunger for each other, that was electrifying!!

Getting to see Max’s side of things from the beginning was sooo special! This man is amazing beyond belief and I love who he has grown up to be. We didn’t see him as much more than a kid in the past, so I truly loved seeing this side of him. Same with Sergei, I enjoyed the dual POV so much from these two. Per her usual, Lindsay did amazing things with getting inside their heads and giving us ALLLLLL of the feels!

We got the perfect roller coaster of emotions with this book and you couldn’t ask for more! From Sergei and Max’s insecurities to standing up for themselves, it was one of the most well rounded novellas I’ve ever read!

I can’t wait to see what is up her sleeve next!!

About Lindsay!

Lindsay Becs is new to the writing world. She has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published a companion book set in 2017. Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing. Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, vinyl crafter and never goes far without coffee first. She is privileged to travel the world with her military husband and their three wonderful crazies.

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