Ramblings & Life Updates!

HELLO MY LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has been SOOOOO long since I’ve just taken the time to chat with everyone, and it is long overdue!!! I’ve posted some on social media about this and in my blog’s group, but not on here yet. So, be prepared for a long one!

When I first started this blog I just wanted to share books and my love of them. It quickly grew to signing up for promo to share, and also quickly grew out of control! I was getting 5 million emails and I had no control. I’d have 10 posts for one day and no idea what I was posting. Almost 2 years ago I finally got organized and started using a planner and switched to sign ups only. I thought that would help, and it did, but only so much. I still loved sharing though, and that has never changed.

In the time that I had started blogging, I needed something to fill my time. I needed a way to get away, and books and blog helped me do that. I was working two jobs and still reading 150-200 books a year and posting anywhere from 1300-1500 posts a year, 5-7 a day. Early last summer I finally left the HORRIBLE living situation I had been in. I had a very emotionally and even sometimes physically abusive drunk ex. I was way too nice and helped him for years, putting myself on the back burner. THIS is why I needed all of these things. Last May we finally went our separate ways. I had all of this freedom with no idea what to do with it and I began to feel so overwhelmed with the blog. In July I started dating Jimmy and my life turned upside down, but this time in the best of ways. Jimmy is the man I always had dreamed of, even if I didn’t know it was him. He’s my storybook boyfriend that I never knew existed.

Since meeting Jimmy I’ve realized that I really don’t need all of these extra things. As much as I love reading, I don’t feel the need to always have something going on and the blog started to feel like more of a burden, and that’s the last thing I’ve wanted. I started slowly falling back and signing up for less things. Yesterday I decided that wasn’t enough and I started unsubscribing to all of the promo companies. I’m really going to start stepping back. I’ve signed up for quite a bit of promo through parts of the summer, so it will be a gradual decline. BUT I’m really hoping I can take this time to start being more creative and do so much more one-on-one book telling.

I still love reading and I adore writing reviews and doing bookchats. I’m hoping this gives me the time and the motivation to do what I’ve always loved the most. So be on the look out for a new and improved AC Squared Book Blog soon!!

Always feel free to continue to reach out, I’ll still be here! Just, much happier and content with my life ❤

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