Release Day: Lullaby of Tears

YOU GUYSSS!!! Lindsay is back at it and produced another AMAZING book!!!! Today happens to be my birthday, so I think this was an epic birthday present. It’s a must read!

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Lullaby of Tears by Lindsay Becs


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How did I end up here?  What have I done?
That’s what I keep asking myself over and over again.  I’m such a disappointment to everyone around me.  Well, at least I would be if they knew the truth.  The truth behind the smile.  Because behind my smile is a broken girl who cries alone at night.  
One moment.  One choice.  One mistake.
That’s all it took to change everything.  
And somehow, he still cares.  He still writes songs about memories of us—of me.  Even when I walked away, because it’s not just my life I have to think about anymore.
If we had the chance to be together again, would he want me?  Does he still see me as the girl in the songs he sings?  Or am I nothing more than sad memories of what could have been?

My Review

In usual Lindsay fashion I was 100% enthralled in this book. From beginning to end I was begging for more. I even read it in one sitting!!! She perfectly (and strategically) pulled at every dang heart string in the best and most awful ways. Lindsay has such a special way of writing and it truly shows in every book. While this isn’t my favorite books of hers, it was so amazing!
I loved everything about Lily. She wasn’t perfect, but she was herself. I can relate to Lily in so many ways, so that made me love her so much more. We saw her make some major mistakes, her mistake love for lust, and her go through some truly horrible moments. But, overall, she was so tough. From Between Case, Luca and Mitch, we got to see a lot of sides of Lily. Her romantic sides, her lowest of low sides, and her motherly sides. Lindsay did such an amazing drop touching some super hard topics in this book and she did it so amazingly! Although, there were definitely times where I was cursing her while she did it! Had I not read this all at one time, I would have been messaging her multiple times! I didn’t want to stop to do that though!
And Mitch, ohhhh how I love Mitch so much! This man, he was a saint. I loved how he is this rockstar who didn’t forget where he came from. His adoration for Lily was so amazing, and then his love and adoration for Easton, it was almost too much! When it came to him though, Lily was pretty awful. There were many times where I wanted to smack them both!
Then we have Lola and Luka, while both super important, in the grand scheme of things, they were side characters. Both played such an important role though! I loved how Lola was Lily’s sidekick in every way. She was there at the super low and the super high, and helped her be an amazing mom. And, in some ways, Luka did the same thing. Luka helped Lily heal and grow. 
I can’t say anything else without giving too much away, but you need to read it. It has rockstars, a tough female lead, drama, romance, and many secrets!

About Lindsay

Lindsay Becs is new to the writing world. She has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published a companion book set in 2017. Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing. Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, vinyl crafter and never goes far without coffee first. She is privileged to travel the world with her military husband and their three wonderful crazies.

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