Release Blitz: Endless Love

YOU GUYSSSSS!!!! I just finished this book and It is EVERYTHING I needed to end this series!! Review has been added below!!!

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ENDLESS LOVE (Forever Us Series – Book 3) by Bianca Borell

Release Date: February 4, 2021

Cover Design: Spellbinding Design

Genre: Billionaire Contemporary Romance



One threat, two people, a love against all odds.

At last, Bria and Damien are happily planning their future together.

Until a trip to London reveals new challenges and their future depends on their commitment to put the past behind them and move forward.

Damien never cared for odds, he bended them to his will.

With Bria at his side, he’s ready to face whatever comes their way. They believe they can overcome any hardship.

But, when Bria’s life is in danger, just how far will Damien go to show his love and keep her safe.

Can love truly conquer all?





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My review

There is so soooo much I want to say about this book, but for me to talk about it that much, you’d have to of read it. This series is kind of like Romeo & Julie meets Gabriel’s Inferno in its style and how Bianca wrote the story of Damien and Bria. It is so tragic, beautiful, passionate and emotional. It is truly a favorite and definitely my favorite so far from this series!

EVERYTHING we wanted we were given in this book. We were left with some loose ends at the end of Healing Love and I could NOT wait for more! And let me tell you, Bianca did NOT disappoint!! She gave me so much more than I ever expected. We, of course, got more Damien and Bria, but more Sophia and Alex and a few other surprises along the way. One of my favorite things about this series is how Bria had connected with her family. Her new family in Alex & Quinn and how she reconnected with her own family and Damien’s. A sense of family and friendship was so special in this book!

Things were a wee bit different in this book. While it was emotion, it was equally steamy!!! The passion between Damien and Bria was through the room!!! These two were HOT HOT HOT! Along with those hot moments, we got just as many heart wrenching, happy and angry moments. The relationship between these two is like no other and they truly take you on the biggest roller coaster.

This was an amazing roller coaster and I never want it to end. There are so many possibilities and I don’t want to see these characters end!! Thank for you for writing the most amazing end to the story of Damien & Bria, and I hope to see more of everyone else in the future!!


SHATTERED LOVE (Forever Us Series – Book 1)

HEALING LOVE (Forever Us Series – Book 2)


Bianca Borell is a contemporary romance author, voracious reader, nature lover, and unapologetic daydreamer. She spends her nights deciding between getting up to write or trying to silence the voices of her characters. The battle is never-ending.

She has a weakness for tormented characters, second chances, and happy endings.

She currently lives in Germany with her amazing husband and indulges in way too many pastries than she should.



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