Release Blitz: Inc’s Regret


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Inc’s Regret (Satan’s Raiders MC Book 1)

by Elizabeth Knox

Cover Design by: Claris Tan

Cover Photo by: Sally Sparrow

Cover Model: Andrew England 

Release  Date: December 30, 2020



She was everything, and I lost her. Now I have my chance to get her back, but will it even matter? With time comes pain and I know we’ve all been through enough of it.

I walked out on them— Zane and Octavia that night at the hotel. I forced myself to run from the both of them because of the lies I’ve told. Now I’m being sent to Montana as a regent for the Satan’s Raiders MC, and my club will be getting a Reaper.

It’s supposed to help secure our alliance, to make it stronger. If you ask me the only thing it’ll do is stir up trouble.

Only, when I get there I find out I’m not the only one who’s been keeping secrets.

There’s a little boy named Neo who looks a fuck of a lot like me.

I guess it’s time for us all to fess up to the lies and secrets we’ve kept. I just wonder if we’ll be able to move past it in the end, or if they’ll tear us apart even more.

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My Review

I could not wait until I fond out about this book! I have been so, so, so curious about Inc for so long!! After meeting the FOREVER ADORABLE Neo, I needed more! This book was ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we needed!!! Not only did we get to see Inc, Zane & Octavia bloom, we got to see more of our favorite Skulls guys with some new Satan’s Raiders guys!

Ok, back to Inc!! The beginning of this book gave me ALLLLLL of the feels. We finally got to find out more about Inc’s past and his relationship with his family. The moment with his dad was so beyond satisfying. Liz wrote this moment in THE BEST way possible. Inc having to deal with a parent who didn’t believe in being gay, was something that you don’t see much about. I love that she wrote about this topic, and she went about it in THE BEST WAY! Having these moments were exactly what Inc needed to move on!

And to the nitty gritty. I love how Liz writes triad couples. She does them So, so, so well! I was seriously rooting for Zane and Octavia when it came to Inc. I was truly hoping that he’d come to his senses and realized that they were exactly what he needed. Of course with the love came all of the drama, all of the feels and the perfect curveballs were thrown.

And the club drama!! You cannot have a good MC without club drama, and this one gave us two!!! This book lead us into some seriously tough stuff and I ate every minute of it!! I cannot wait to see where Liz takes us!



Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her motorcycle club and mafia books. While Elizabeth loves to write she is an avid reader as well who reads a mixture of genres. She lives in the North-Eastern United States with her husband, two cats and two dogs. When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with her family, out to dinner with friends or binge watching the latest trending show on Netflix. Please make sure you click the follow author button to ensure you’re signed up for all of Elizabeth’s latest releases.

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