Release Blitz: Zorro

HAPPY FRIDAY Loves!!!! I am WAYYYY behind on this one. I finished it Monday and haven’t had 2 second to write my review to post it! SOOOOO GOOOOODDD!!!

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Zorro (Reapers MC #16) by Elizabeth Knox

Cover Designer: Clarise Tan

Photographer: Wander Aguiar

Cover Model: Chris and Joli Fleming

Release Date: November 27, 2020

Get it Here:


I’ve been playing with fire my entire life, so messing with two of my club brother’s sister was just up my alley. Ruby, the younger half-sister to Grim and Axel.

She and I had been flirting for ages, playfully toying with one another. 

That is, until she went off to one of the most prestigious colleges in the United States– Stonewall University. 

She joined a sorority and did things all the nice girls do. But one day she came flying back here. We thought it was because of Grim’s motorcycle accident, but it wasn’t. She was attacked on campus by a group of men.

I was supposed to wait and let one of our own handle it. One who was starting his term at Stonewall in the fall . . . but I couldn’t wait. Seeing her in pain ripped me apart, especially after she told me what happened. 

I knew right then and there she’d be mine. But I needed to do one thing first– find her attackers and make them suffer in ways they never imagined.

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My Review

YOU GUYSSSSSSSS. I was REALLY hoping that we’d get something from Ruby!!! I remember a little here and there about here and Zorro, but my memory doesn’t really work like that. Per her usual, Liz gave us EVERYTHING we wanted and so much more!!!! This book had the PERFECT amount of drama, grit and lust!!

I loved everything about Zorro and Ruby. I love how we got a little slow burn while they figured out what they were doing. I loved how the brothers were super protective of Ruby, and how Zorro was willing to die for her. I even loved her snotty friend (who could have an entire paragraph written about her nonsense… butttt not right now). These two gave me a lot. I loved the tender moments, the sweet moments and the super spicy moments. I think that these two were an odd pairing, but also the perfect pairing. Ruby is SOOOO innocent, especially for being around the MC, and Zorro is so rough around the edges. Gotta love when sweet women can bring naught/nasty men to their knees!

And we have to talk about the MC itself!!!! We got to see more from the couples, but we got some really good nitty gritty here. We finally got to see what happened with Grim and we got a little more out of Ghost. I love that Ghost and Zorro are friends, but I also love the bad a$$ stuff they did together! This MC is so epic, I don’t ever want it to end!!!



Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her motorcycle club and mafia books. While Elizabeth loves to write she is an avid reader as well who reads a mixture of genres. She lives in the North-Eastern United States with her husband, two cats and two dogs. When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with her family, out to dinner with friends or binge watching the latest trending show on Netflix. Please make sure you click the follow author button to ensure you’re signed up for all of Elizabeth’s latest releases.

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