Release Blitz: Not to be Borne

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Not to be Borne

by NJ Lysk

Book #2 in the Intertwined Fate Series

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When his twin brother presents as an omega, Michuá feels like the world is ending. In a way, becoming an omega himself seems almost fated…

Choosing an alpha from a faraway pack who can afford to take them both is the only way to stay together, but Zybyn’s new alpha wants a lot more than they have bargained for and in a journey towards a strange land, there is nothing to stop him from taking it.
Omegas must obey and follow, but can the love they bear each other be stronger than instinct?

A Dark Mpreg Romance with a happy ending.

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N.J. Lysk (pronouns: whatever) is a queer one—in almost every sense of the word—for whom stories have always been their one true home. She studied linguistics and literature (which is to say, someone offered him a genuine excuse to read professionally) and ended up teaching, but writing is their one true love.

Addicted to angst, enamoured of mpreg and always ready to try a new kink (in a book, that’s it!) she became hooked into the Omegaverse through fanfic (but he doesn’t have the patience to write other people’s characters) and has recently expanded from werewolves to hockey players.

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