Release Blitz: Mister Dimples

Ohhhh you guysssssssss. This book was something else! I LOVE Lindsays writing so much, but this was a lot different than the others. This was a LOLcom to the best degree!!!! Definitely a must-read!!!

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Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs
A Cocky Hero Novel

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Is it possible to crush on a voice?
My favorite thing to listen to is Juniper Love’s podcast show, Go Sports!. Hearing her uninformed, teasing commentary on every game she watches makes me laugh—even when it’s my team she’s talking about. I might be her biggest fan.
I thought Troy Tipton was just a nice guy with a gorgeous smile. Until I learned he was a fan-favorite NFL star quarterback. The same one gracing magazine covers with his irresistible dimples. The same one I mock on my show.
When we start dating, the explosive chemistry we share is impossible to ignore. But can we keep our opposing careers from ruining what we have before we even begin? Or will we let them destroy everything good that’s between us?
Mister Dimples is written within the Mister Moneybags world by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward where you’ll get to see many familiar faces again.

You’ll also get:
🤣 A LoL romcom
🔥 Plenty of steam
🐶 Lovable dogs
🏈 Sports romance
🍕 Foodie talk
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My Review

I have ready almost everything Lindsay has written, so when I found out she was writing in the Cocky Hero Club I was OVER THE MOON! I love these books so much, and knew hers would be amazing. She did NOT disappoint!! This book was laugh-out-loud funny.

From the moment we are introduced to Juniper I love everything about her! From her odd name, to the quirky way she does her podcast, she is epic. Her naivety about sports is possibly the funniest thing about her too. I would 100% listen to the podcast! Then her “meet cute” with Troy was absolutely hysterical!! I love fated things like that. I always love when an athlete isn’t your typical anything, and other than the exercise aspect of things, Troy is nothing like the stereotype. I adored that he was such a huge fan of Juniper’s show and how well they gelled. These two had some MAJOR chemistry. Their banter is so great, and super funny. I feel like a broken record here, but THIS BOOK IS HYSTERICAL!!

But, in true Lindsay fashion, there isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, which is so important in a romcom. We need layers in good books, and this one has many! There’s the perfect amount of emotions and drama thrown in to make this book even more spectacular. Both Troy and Juniper have their insecurities and fear, which make them so much more relatable. And then add in Bianca and Dante, the perfect secondary characters, and this book just had every element of amazingness! These two friends really helped to round out the story. Also, I cannot talk about rounding out my thoughts without the dog rescue! I loved that dogs were such a big part of this story and that they volunteered with them. As a dog lover, this was a huge plus for me!!

I can’t talk too much more without giving away details, but this was definitely one of my favorite books of the year. I laughed so much, and I swear I had the biggest grin on my face the entire time!! I LOVED ittt!!!

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