Release Blitz: Caym’s Fated Mate

HOLY CRAP YOU GUYSSSSS. I’ve been dying to have time to read paranormal, and when Liz told me about this book I. WAS. IN! Man am I glad I read it!! There’s so many amazing and awesome elements!! I CANNOT wait for more!!

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Caym’s Fated Mate (Hells Gateway MC #1) 

by Emera Rose and Liz Knox

Cover Designer: Daqri Bernado, Covers by Combs


Prisoners. That’s all we’ve ever known in life, until the portal opened and we were finally able to escape Hell.

As Lycans we’ve always been adaptable, some of the smartest supernatural creatures there is. When we walked through that portal we found ourselves in a quaint town in Canada. 

We came across a biker club in the middle of the woods, along the main road and walked inside. This could be our way to integrate into this community. We were certain of it. 

Only, we didn’t anticipate for there to be other Lycans around, or a pair of sassy witches who couldn’t help but get under our skin. With these two sets of supernaturals, chaos begins to fall from around them. Specifically the witches. Their kind has always been trouble. I suppose they can’t help it. 

Both of these witches are captivating. Tetra with her fiery red hair and fierce spirit, and then her twin sister, Jadis. I feel a pull towards them, almost like I have to help them sort out their issues. My pack and I will do anything to ensure Lucifer doesn’t track us down, even if it means helping solve problems that aren’t necessarily ours to deal with. Only, in helping solve them . . . I begin to realize something bigger is at play.

Being on Earth never meant we’d do it the good way. Bloodshed follows us wherever we go and by the end of this . . . many lives will be lost.

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My Review

I truly loved everything about this book! I’ve been dying for some good paranormal, and I love how Liz and Emera brought us a little bit of everything right out the gate. LITERALLY!!!!

So much went on in this book that it’s almost hard to write this review, because I 100% want you to experience it for yourself. I LOVE when there is a dual POV, but these two took it a few steps and gave us MANY! Now, this was slightly confusing at times, BUT I loved it for the beginning of this series. We truly got to be in the minds of multiple characters in one story. That being said, I would have loved a little bit more from Caym and Tetra, but I know we will see more from them later! One of the best parts about this, is that we got so many different perspectives of events as they happened. From the thoughts of the Lycans, to the witches, to other creatures. It was pretty epic.

And talk about epic, oh man did they do an amazing job with the dramatic parts! I LOVED that there were multiple parts to the plot of this book. We had something happening with Jadis and secrets from their family, but then we also got to deal with a lot from the Lycans and their “reawakening” of sorts. And of course, we have to throw in a little romance. Or, in this case, fate. I LOVED Caym and Tetra together soooo much. There was so much intensity and denied feelings, it was electric!

I cannot wait to see what comes next with this series. There’s so much we don’t know, there’s so much that we know is happening, it’s a lot of question marks and I love that so much!!

About the Authors!

Liz Knox is the paranormal pen name for international bestselling author Elizabeth Knox. She’s most commonly known for her mafia and biker books, however loves to dive into other worlds which is why she started this pen name. She releases under her contemporary pen name more frequently but starting in 2020 she’s about to take the paranormal world by storm.

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