Release Day: Mustang Hollywood

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Release Day!

Mustang Hollywood (Mustang Ranch #3)

by Eva Haining

Available now. Read FREE with Kindle Unlimited


Born and raised in the bright lights of LA, J.J. Savage is the king of Hollywood.

Betrayed by his ex-girlfriend and slandered in the press, his star has well and truly fallen. When Hollywood turns its back on their golden boy, Jasper finds himself exiled to small-town Kingsbury Falls for a small-time movie with a B-list cast.

Surrounded by amateurs and angry at the world, he can either walk away, or turn it around, and he didn’t become A-list royalty by resting on his laurels. Putting everything on the line to prove his worth, Jasper’s wholly unprepared for hometown budding actress, Maisie Bryant. 

She’s sassy, stubborn, opinionated, sexy as hell, and he can’t stand her.

Maisie Bryant has dreamed of being in movies since she was a kid. Excited at the prospect of being an extra in the new J.J. Savage movie, Maisie is in for the ride of her life when she’s thrust into the path of the bullheaded movie star. Everything about him infuriates her, but she can’t deny the way her body reacts to his movie star good looks.

Forced to find a way to work together, how long can these two fight their undeniable chemistry?

Will Jasper risk his chance at redemption for a woman who makes his blood boil and sets his world ablaze?

MUSTANG HOLLYWOOD is a small town, enemies-to-lovers romance.

Check out the other books in the Mustang Ranch Series!

Book 1: Mustang Daddy, a single father romance


I thought moving back to Kingsbury Falls would be good for me… until I saw him. Maddox Hale was my high school sweetheart, and the best friend I ever had. We shared all the important firsts together, but when faced with making him choose between me and the life he wanted, I made the decision for him. I left without a word, or an explanation. Now I’m back, and so is he… with his daughter.


A.B. Clark broke my heart and made me swear I would never return to my hometown. I left to become a champion bronc rider. Eleven years later, I moved back, with a wife and a baby on the way. Now I’m a single daddy, running the family ranch. My daughter is the only woman in my life… until A.B. shows up, throwing my world into disarray. I don’t know if trust can ever be earned after it’s been broken, but she makes me want to believe in the possibility.

With nothing to lose and everything to gain, Dr. A.B. Clark sets out to win back not just the trust, but the heart of her first and only love, single daddy Maddox Hale. With the best intentions, not to break his heart a second time, A.B. is faced with a decision that could risk losing everything she’s ever wanted.

Can Maddox risk not only his, but his daughter’s heart being broken by the one woman that sets his world on fire?

Mustang Daddy is a wild ride of small town, epic romance. An emotional, heartfelt, sexy and sassy love story that will restore your faith in second chances.

A small town, single daddy, second chance romance.


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Book 2: Mustang Buck, a bad boy romance

Lying about her virginity is her smallest secret…

Savannah Adams came to town for one man and found herself drawn to another.
Jackson McKinney is all wrong for her, but she can’t seem to stay away. She knew about Jax and his bad-boy reputation long before she ever set eyes on him. Will he still want her when he finds out who she really is?

The day Savannah arrives in town, all bad boy Jax can think about is taming this wild stranger. He didn’t want to settle down because he doesn’t want to admit he may never leave Kingsbury Falls. Jax has been labeled a player by everyone around him, but this wrangler has a heart of gold, and his sights are firmly set on Savannah. She’s beautiful, fierce, and he can’t get enough of her. Having opened his heart to the possibility of happily ever after, nothing can prepare him for the revelations that are about to rock his world.

How many lies can Savannah tell before she gets caught?

One thing’s for sure, Jax is in for the ride of his life.

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