Blog Tour: Fractured Realities

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Release Date: July 20, 2020


“The worlds were remade; everything was new.”

Sirens and Cupids. Half-demons and aliens. Prophets and ancient gods. Treasons and vindicated rebellions. Santa’s elves and the thoughts of Christmas trees. The wishes of children and marriage proposals. Love that takes its first tentative steps and goes on through separation, transcending boundaries and misunderstandings.

Experience the worlds of Fractured Realities: existences that intermingle the light of love and the darkness that
hides behind stars and in the hearts of men. Other realms where magic and old powers blend. Places where men born of the mist, selkies, mysteries, and simple humans walk, trying to find truth and meaning in life and those around them.

Combining the voices of twelve writers, spanning four themes, this dark and whimsical book invites you to remember, in worlds where nothing is promised and cracks often mar the surface, all things carry on, beauty remains, and light shines through the fractures of reality.
D. Gabrielle Jensen, K.T. Seto, Chaz Beebe, 
Virginia Elizabeth Hayes, Sarah V. Hines, Deana Rose Wilson, Theodore Niretac Tinker, Allorianna Matsourani, 
Ashley Kay Wong, Leo Otherland, Kristine Haecker, 
Theda Vallee

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