Release Blitz: Grim

You guysssss!!! This book was sooo good! REVIEW ADDED!!

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Grim (Reapers MC #13) by Elizabeth Knox 
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I screwed up, and boy did I screw up in a big way. I always tell people not to go for a ride when they’re pissed. Combine the anger with the slick roads and heavy rain. That’s what landed me in the hospital. Though, I was lucky. They told me the only thing I’d need to do is go for a few weeks of physical therapy and adjustments with a chiropractor. 

That’s where I met Natalie Benet. 

She was the friendly face in the front. The one who chats with all the patients, gets to know them, and makes them feel as comfortable as they can even in their most painful moments. While her encouraging words pissed me off at first, I learned to appreciate her support. 

She was just a woman who showed me kindness. Maybe even more than I deserved. I was out with Axel one night at a bar in town and heard this asshole chatting with his buddies, talking about his bitch of a wife. It didn’t take me long until he said her name along with a few other details that confirmed it was the Natalie I see every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 

He joked about beating her up like a rat dog again. He laughed with his buddies about turning her face black and blue to the point she wouldn’t be able to work for a week. 

One thing’s for certain– he’ll scream for mercy when I tear every tooth out of his fuckin’ mouth for layin’ a hand on her. 

My Review

One of my favorite things about Liz’s writing is that each of her books is a little bit different. In some of the past Reapers books we had a LOT of violence. Although there was some in this, she gave us a lot of everything I love in MC books!

Right out the gate we got a super juicy smack in the face with a super interesting tidbit tying in a previous book!! When I read this I INSTANTLY messaged Liz and was like OH. MY. GOD!!! THESE moments made this book so amazing!! Because trust me, we had a few! With the twists and turns in this book we were left craving nothing, but more from Grim and Natalie! I also loved the added bonuses that we got with Natalie too. From her past, to her present, to where she’s from and her awesome parents. She was the whole package! She truly brought out the best in Grim. He was not at all who I expected him to be, and that element of surprise was one of the best!

Another favorite thing when it comes how Liz writes is how she ties her books together. We got to see a few people from another series in this book and it was so epic!!! Her book world is one big, dysfunctional family and I love that so much! But even more, we constantly get to learn more about the Reapers. We got to see the families of the members and we got to see both clubs grow. I am super thankful for that!! We get so invested in these characters and this club, that you start to crave these things. And Liz really knows how to feed a craving!

WIthout giving too much away, this is definitely one of my favorites so far this year! This is also giving me a good taste of what is to come from the Reapers but also some other series of hers! I cannot wait for more!!

About Liz!


Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her motorcycle club and mafia books. While Elizabeth loves to write she is an avid reader as well who reads a mixture of genres. She lives in the North-Eastern United States with her husband, two cats and two dogs. When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with her family, out to dinner with friends or binge watching the latest trending show on Netflix. Please make sure you click the follow author button to ensure you’re signed up for all of Elizabeth’s latest releases.

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