Cover Reveal: Inkwell

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The Ink well Chronicles

Cover Re-Reveal

The Ink Well Chronicles is a contemporary romance series of four standalone books that revolve around The Ink Well, an up and coming publishing company. The series started back in 2017 with Let Me In and finished this year, 2020, with Every Little Thing. Jordan has decided to redo the covers for the whole series in order to bring the characters more to life.


Let Me In

After the pieces of myself broke, I was surprised to find a man who was willing to pick

them up, to catch me as I fell. What he wanted from me though, I didn’t know if I could

give him. All he wanted was for me to let him in.

No Way in Hell

What happens in Vegas was supposed to stay there. But clearly, this time it wasn’t. 

I married Greg Moran. 

My best friend. My boss. 

The man who I had loved for five years.

Two years of silence broke me though. It caused me to do something no sane woman in

love would do.

I asked for a divorce.

Keeping You

Who knew that it would take so long for us to figure it all out? To stop pretending and finally realize that we had been there for each other all along.

It might have taken us 21 years, but it’s finally here.

And this is our story.

Every Little Thing

The first time I shook her hand, I knew she was the one.

But my breath stalled when I grazed the cool metal on her finger and when I looked down at that fucking ring, my heart stopped.

Now, she’s back in town and after five years, I had no idea what’d happened. Instead of her husband standing by her side, holding her hand, there was a little girl.

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