Release Day: Want Everything

YOU GUYSSSSS!!!!!! It is no secret how much I LOVE AND ADORE Lindsay’s writing. From the moment I started reading Always I knew I’d be addicted for life. They JUST KEEP GETTING BETTER!!!! GO, RUN, GET IT NOW!

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Title: Want Everything: A King Family Novel 
Author: Lindsay Becs
Releasing: June 5, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance

What happens when the popular hot guy with the famous rich parents wakes up one day and can’t recognize himself in the mirror anymore?  

He hides in the dark.  Angry, alone and miserable.

His only source of happiness is music and the sanctuary it provides when he lets it seep into his soul and wash over him like purifying water.

That is, until a raven-haired dancer starts to bring him back into the light, showing him how to feel, how to be happy again.  His own personal ray of sunshine at his fingertips, mesmerizing him with every move she makes.  

Happiness is so close; he can almost touch it.

But will he accept it?  Will he follow her out of the shadows and into the light?  Or will he stay hidden forever?

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My Review

Lindsay gets me EVERY DAMN TIME! I don’t know how she does it, but I think her writing evolves more and more with every book. Want Everything was a lot different than the others, although this whole series is a tad different I think. But, different in so many good ways! 
One of my favorite things about Linday’s writing is it’s depth. There is this something about it that almost makes her books feel more profound. And let me tell you, Harry’s book needed that. When we are reintroduced to him at the beginning there were so many things going on. We didn’t know the full story of what happened, but we knew there was a lot. The way she wrote him and his life, you felt what he did. But not just felt it, you felt it deep in your bones. Like you were one with the words and experiencing everything through his and Jade’s eyes. And Jade, wow this woman. I loved how Lindsay developed her character. These two were the perfect couple! I really loved Lindsay’s use of light and dark for them, because it was unbelievable apt. 

The amount of darkness, sexiness and hope, absolute hope, in this book was astounding. She wrote about some very sensitive topics and did so in prolific ways. Everyone has a struggle, but the struggle that Harry had is so hard. And then of course Jade has her own, different struggles, and it was just so perfectly written. And holy crap the chemistry!! These two were so explosive! I LOVED that about them! I think this book had more heat than the others, and it was just so perfect for Harry and Jade. 

Now, I am even MORE curious about Ruby and what comes next with the King family. There was so much growth in this book, but know there’s so much more to come with Ruby. Ruby is going to need her own healing and I can’t wait to see what Lindsay decides to do with her story!

Lindsay Becs has always enjoyed writing as an outlet and a fun hobby. Having pushed outside her box, she wrote and self-published her first book in 2017. Now, she hopes to continue to explore deeper into the world of writing. Tragically beautiful love stories are what she enjoys writing most, but who knows what the future will hold.

Lindsay is also an avid reader, Netflix binger, and never goes far without coffee first. She wishes fall lasted all year long, and peanut M&M’s are her writing fuel. She is from the Buckeye state of Ohio but is privileged to have lived all over the world with her military husband, their three crazies, and eight-year-old puppy.

To find out more about Lindsay and upcoming projects find her here!


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