Release Day: Zane

YASSSS!!! I am so excited that this is live in the world and that I can share how amazing it is!!! I LOVED this book so hard! One of my favorites of the series!

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π™•π™–π™£π™šΒ (π™π™šπ™–π™₯π™šπ™§π™¨Β π™ˆπ˜ΎΒ #11)

by Elizabeth Knox

Cover Models Robert Kelly & Kodi Kristofferson




I’m supposed to marry a woman I’ve never met, make her my ‘ol lady and all that. This deal was struck when I was a kid playing with toy trucks in my front yard. Hell, Octavia wasn’t even born yet.

Everything changed when the Raiders MC started getting picked off one by one. Her sisters were all murdered, including the woman I was supposed to marry. Now Octavia, is the only one left and she’s not exactly keen on uprooting her life and moving to Montana.

Either way, we don’t have the option to throw in the towel and say fuck it. I’m just gonna have to make the best of it, even if she fights me every step of the way.

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My Review

I am absolutely obsessed with the Reapers! I absolutely loved this story for so many reasons, one of which was getting to see Zane do some interactions with the newish Vegas charter.

I have always been super curious about Zane and who he was promised to. From what club to who they were, to if he truly would do this with his dad dead, I had LOTS of questions! Well, we got every one of these answered, and I have to say, I’m sooo glad Octavia was the girl!!! She is super fierce, she knows her stuff and she isn’t about to let anyone walk all over her. All of those qualities are what Zane needs in a partner, and yes, I said partner. It’s clear that Zane doesn’t just want an old lady, he wants a true partner.

Let’s talk about these twists and turns!! We got some really interesting ones out of this book! Interesting and HOLY CRAP DID THAT JUST HAPPEN ones LOL. There wasn’t much to meets the eye about his book, not an ounce of predictability. From Zane himself, to his dealings with the Vegas chapter, to Octavia and the club she came from. There was this constant flow of surprise and awe throughout the entire book. Also, there was the perfect amount of family, danger and spice. Basically everything that I absolutely love and need from an MC.

Her MC books are why I’m now obsessed with the genre! Liz really outdid herself with this book and I can’t wait to see what comes next with everyone, especially the teaser we got at the end!!


Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her Mob and MC books, the international bestselling author of Reign, Redemption, Revenge, Relentless, Reckoning, Promised, The Trade, Tough as Steele, Stripping a Steele & Blackjack.

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