Release Blitz: Twisted Steel Anthology

You guyssssssss. I LOVE MC Romance. Make sure to check this one out!!

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Twisted Steel Anthology is NOW LIVE!
TWISTED STEEL: A MOTORCYCLE CLUB ROMANCE ANTHOLOGY from Knox Publishing by Addison Jane, Erin Osborne, Nia Farrell, Chelle C. Craze, Dani René, Amy Davies, Elizabeth Knox, E.C. Land, Claire Shaw, Scarlett Black, and Rae B. Lake
Release Date: 4/18/2020
Eleven of your favorite MC authors have collaborated to bring you all new biker stories. Some clubs are known, while others are brand spanking new.

While each story takes place in a separate club, you can always count on copious amounts of danger, suspense and—most of all—angst.

We all know the common code of MCs. Will these men and women put their brotherhood above all else, or will they sacrifice everything for love?

My Review

YESSSSS!!!! This MC Anthology was EVERYTHING!!

Addison Jane. This was such a good story to start this anthology off! Asher and Phee are definitely a story that I need the rest of! There are so many layers to both of them, they come from crappy situations and there’s so much to learn!

Vault’s Loss by Erin Osborne. This one was so different than the last. Vault and Annabel are a tale that you tell your grandkids about, but we didn’t get the full story for that. They both lost so much, but Vault is a dick and may have ruined their relationship. I’m really curious to see where Erin takes us with these two! Sounds like there is so much more to come!

Book by Nia Farrell. First, the title had me perplexed, but I LOVE how different this book was!!! One, I love that this is set in the future and a little bit like post-apocalyptic MC. Book and Adrienne were great characters. We really got a pretty complete story with these two. I couldn’t really ask for more!

Slaying Camille by Chelle C Craze. When we first got introduced to Lilly/Camille I was super curious about her past, then when Chelle threw us Slayer I was even more curious! There is definitely more to be told about these two and I can’t wait for more!! I really hope Slayer can help Camille live her life again.

Torn Between by Dani Rene. I LOVED the action in this book! It was definitely the most action based and I’m dying for more. I LOVE Shadow and Syren so much. There were tons of layers to this story and Dani wrote it so perfectly. It’s the perfect segue to whatever comes next.

Reckless Angels MC by Amy Davies. This story was a little more fun, which I really liked. Rip was definitely your stereotypical MC guy and Indie was the opposite of a bunny. The big surprise in this was so awesome, and I loved where it took Indie and Rip. Add in Austin and we had a really good story. I definitely want to read more about the brothers!

Alluring allies by Elizabeth knox and ec land. YESSSSSSS. I’ve been dying to know more about Boss. We got a little clue about this book in Bet On Me, and I’ve been dying to know more. Then we got some of the Devil’s Riot guys. I haven’t had a chance to read EC yet and now I definitely have to! This was definitely a favorite of mine. There are many twists and turns and we got the perfect amount of story to reallllly suck us in! I NEED MORE!

Fierce Love by Claire Shaw. This was definitely another favorite for me. Joker and Carrie definitely have a story that hasn’t been completely told. Seeing Carrie’s past catch up to her was super sad, but she isn’t taking it laying down. This girl is FIERCE and I just HAVE to know what’s going to happen next!!!

Twisted Fate by Scarlett Black. This was another story with seem layers. It wasn’t my favorite, because it wasn’t an HEA, but we definitely need to know more about this group! Alessia and Hawk had an interesting start, but I’m sure this isn’t the last we see of them.

Becoming Vexx by Rae B Lake. And this one was my third favorite. I LOVE strong female leads Lana turned Vexx, was definitely that!! I’m really curious to see if we get more from Maino and the other MCS. Eve’s Fury is the best MC name and I was sooo excited to see this MC take shape!

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