Release Day: Mouser


YOU GUYS!!! This book was sooooo hot!! It was EVERYTHING I wanted and more!

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Mouser (Reapers MC #9) by Elizabeth Knox
Cover Design by: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations
Photography by: Reggie Deanching
Modeling by: Nick Bennett & Madena Rose



She only came into our lives on a whim because we outsmarted the woman who was trying to double cross us. While I hated Sakura at first her actions have proven she’s not only as loyal as they come, but has undeniable honor.

Sakura used her connections and pull to save one of us, the most innocent of Reapers, Orion Monroe. I watched her put her head on the chopping block to save that little boys life and it made me see a different side of her.

Now all I want to do is wrap her in my arms and tell her it’s going to be okay, that we’ll survive the battle with her family. But will we? Sakura isn’t just any gorgeous Japanese woman.

She’s Sakura Kobayashi, daughter of the Yakuza and her father has put a bounty on her head.

I hated Sakura at first, but she’s proven the type of woman she is with her choices. Now I feel a completely different way about her. Time is running out and it’s now or never. I only hope time is in my favor and I can tell this woman how much I ache for her to be mine.

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My Review

Man, oh man! This book was truly everything I wanted!! I’ve missed the Vegas Reapers so much! You don’t realize until you’ve been away from a series just how much you love the people in them. Liz did such an amazing job giving us everything we wanted with Mousers book.

Since meeting Sakura in Cobra, was a super shock, so I was really excited to learn more about her here. We learned so much about her and her family, and it was kinda scary! Then we also got a little more dirt on Mouser! I LOVE Mouser and I was super excited for him to finally get his book. Although saying that, I always have a new character that I’m waiting for them to finally get a book. Anywhoooo, Sakura and Mouser were HOTTTTTTTTT. These two had some serious fire and I loved the vulnerability between these two. We got equal parts serious, sexy and insta-love. All of my favorite combinations in a book!

Apart from the amazingness of Sakura and Mouser, we got soooo many goodies with some other characters! We got more awesome Cobra-ness, an epic thing for Hawk and we got some serious clues about Dixon. I LOVE seeing the lives of the other brothers continue in these books. It’s one of my favorite things about Liz’s books. She also gives us some really epic action scenes and some really great plot-twists.

I’m not giving this book enough justice, you NEED TO GO READ IT NOW! Can’t wait to see what’s coming!!!


Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her motorcycle club and mafia books. While Elizabeth loves to write she is an avid reader as well who reads a mixture of genres. She lives in the North-Eastern United States with her husband, two cats and two dogs. When she isn’t working you can find her spending time with her family, out to dinner with friends or binge watching the latest trending show on Netflix. Please make sure you click the follow author button to ensure you’re signed up for all of Elizabeth’s latest releases.

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