Cover Reveal: Death OF A Flapper

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death of a clapper
In the city of light, darkness lurks…
Death of a Flapper: A 1920s Cozy Historical Mystery by Nancy Warren
Release Date: April 15th

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In the city of light, darkness lurks

Women’s pages reporter Abigail Dixon travels to Paris seeking her big break in hard news. When the dowdy reporter is sent to interview a famous fashion designer she wonders if she’s made a terrible mistake. But Abby finds herself in the middle of a hard news story when her despised stepmother is murdered in the couture house. Even worse, Inspector Henri Deschamps believes she’s the prime suspect.

With only high school French to defend herself, Abby’s in despair until a chance meeting with young reporter Ernest Hemingway convinces her to use her skills and clear her name by finding the real murderer.

With help from new friends like Coco Chanel, Abby is transformed into a Parisian sensation. Can she enjoy her new bobbed hairstyle before losing her head, since the French still punish murderers with the guillotine…

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