Release Tour: High Baller

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Title: High Baller
Author: Ruby Wolff
Genre: Sports Romance
Release Date: February 27, 2020
Sky can lose everything. Trey will fight to prove his loyalty.
My parents are my nightmare.
Use and abuse is their game, and all I want is for them to leave.
Then I got my dream job, travel the world, live the dream.
While dancing on a night out, I see one hell of a sexy smile, that took my breath away.
But we live different lives, and I keep telling him that, but Trey’s not listening.
My family is my strength.
The game is my life.
Until I glanced at the dancefloor, and saw her.
One look and she took my breath away.
Now she’s about to go on a ride with this baller.
Sky’s now my girl, she can keep saying it won’t last, but I’ll prove her wrong.
Our families are set to destroy US.
One will go all the way to rob them, the other will do anything to end them.


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