Release Day: Gone Nerdy

You guys!! I didn’t get to read this as an arc but you best believe it is on my kindle waiting for me!! I am so excited, go grab it now! (Review added 4/6!)

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Release Date: February 20, 2020


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Gone Nerdy Ebook Cover


What happens when your one night stand becomes your new roomie?  

When it comes to men, Tiffany doesn’t get attached. She has seen a broken heart and will do anything to keep hers intact. Her live life to the fullest mentality has her bouncing from bed to bed with no commitments until the one night stand, Spencer, she thought she would never see again walks through her door, surprising them both.  

Though excited to have the chance to be around her, it becomes apparent that Spencer wants more from the fiery redhead living steps from his bed. Will they or won’t they? And can the girl with her walls up let in the one man who could be the one?

Gone Nerdy Full Wrap

My Review

I was super excited to see that Tiffany had the next book and even more excited to see that Spencer was staying in the picture!! Tiffany is definitely the cousin who we all wish we had a little bit more of in us! I am a LOT like Stella, but I sometimes wish I had a little more carefree in me like Tiffany.

There was so much more to Tiffany than met the eye and that was one of my favorite parts about this book. Katrina had her be super transparent with the audience, even though she wasn’t transparent with anyone else. The relationship fears she had and the lifestyle she had, she knew exactly what she thought she wanted. So when Katrina brought in Spencer and knocked her on her butt, it painted quite the picture! Spencer made Tiffany feel a little more vulnerable and she just wasn’t used to that.

Then we have Spencer, who is good looking, but nerdy. So many people judge and don’t understand. As someone who has always been nerdy, I can definitely relate. Tiffany was truly a breath of fresh air when it came to the pretty girl for Spencer. Not only was she “ok” with the nerdy lifestyle, she 100% embraced it! Definitely reminded me of Penny and Leonard from Big Bang Theory, come to think of it. But, like most relationships, this was pretty new to both of them and neither of them understood how to communicate.

I loved the few plot twists we got with these two. I don’t think that I ever expected Tiffany to be as free as she was with Spencer. But then we got a few other curveballs too, a great one at the end, and an ever better one when it came to Tiffany’s work. THEN we have that ending!! Holy cowabunga! I cannot wait to see what Katrina has in store for Aubrey!

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Have you read Gone Country yet?



What happens when a city girl goes country?

She is a driven city girl with her eyes on the prize.

He is a smoking hot country mechanic whose prize is her.

Stella Monroe has her eye on one thing…a promotion. So when her boss offers her an opportunity to show her value to the company, she decides to take it. There is just one problem. Moving to a small town away from her city life isn’t Stella’s idea of a good time. But she’s got this. Right?

From the minute she arrives in the country, Stella is beginning to lose her confidence. Her car ends up in a ditch, a snake decides to visit her in the shower, and the quiet is driving her crazy. Her only saving grace is the hot mechanic that rescued her from the side of the road. His mix of kindness and cocky playfulness is definitely appealing, but can she manage her career and a fling?


About Katrina


Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life.

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