Release Blitz: Breathless

I LOVE this series sooo much! I also 100% believe if you haven’t read the others, you can totally read this. I say this, because I totally read this series out of order and completely forgot who a few people were for a while lol. Either way, YOU NEED TO READ THEM ALL! You won’t regret it and you will fall in love with these men as hard as I did ♥
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Title: Breathless
A Texas Nights Series Standalone
Author: Lex Martin
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: February 18, 2020




I wouldn’t say I ran away exactly—twenty-two is too old for that.
I’d call it self-preservation.
I have one objective: protect my heart from the boy next
door who has no clue I’ve loved him my whole life, even with a front row seat
to his revolving bedroom door.
My escape plan almost worked.
Except I left one thing behind.
Logan Carter hijacked my heart, and now it’s time to get it
back. This time for good.
I wouldn’t say I’ve been lying this whole time—not about
Not about how much I miss my best friend, and definitely not
about how pissed I am that she left with hardly a goodbye.
She’s the last person I ever expected to ghost me, and her
absence left a gaping hole in my chest.
When Joey Grayson steps off that bus, I know I’ll do
anything to keep her home, and that means finding out the truth.
But I’m not sure how to tell her my truths when I’m living
so many lies.


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My Review
I truly adore Joey and Logan so much!! Logan played a minor role in Reckless, but reading more about him here we learn just how wrong that was! He was the person saving the world in the background of Reckless! That alone made me love him so dang much!
So taking a few steps back, we need to talk a little about Joey and Logan first. I was so super curious about what sent Joey running when we first find out she’s coming back home. Then, with the dual POV, we get to see how excited Logan is about her coming back, and who cares why! These two had their signals crossed so much and it was equal parts frustrating and entertaining. I loved seeing, from a birds-eye view, how they reacted to each other when they both had no clue.
When we finally got to see these two come together and realize that it was time to take a change I WAS JUMPING FOR JOY!! I may have actually squealed out loud LOL It was super special where and how they finally decided to give it a shot too. There were so many meaningful places and moments in this book. It was chalk full of emotions, and that was one of my favorite things about it. I love when things have more than one meaning and especially when it’s a hidden meaning.
And of course we had DRAMA! I loved the drama soooo much. It adds so many more layers to the already amazing book that was Breathless. And let me tell you, there were some parts where you are definitely left breathless, in both good and bad ways! There was a huge plot twist with crazy lies and family secrets. It was just epic.
I cannot express enough how amazing this book is and how much everyone needs to read it!!
Also Available
All books are standalones featuring different couples


Author Bio
Lex Martin is the USA Today bestselling author
of the Texas Nights series (Reckless/Shameless) and the Dearest series. She
writes contemporary romances, the sexy kind with lotsa angst, a whole lotta
kissing, and the hot happily ever afters. A former high school English teacher
and freelance journalist, she’s lived all over the country but currently
resides in her hometown of San Antonio with her husband and twin daughters.
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