Release Day: Cobra

Hello again!!! I LOVE Elizabeth so much! Review added!

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Cobra (Reapers MC #8) by Elizabeth Knox
Cover Designer: Clarise Tan, CT Cover Creations
Model: Cody Smith
Photographer: Reggie Deanching
Tattoo Design: Dante Dellamore
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They say when you know, you know. The only thing I knew the second I met her was that she was crazier than I was, and that made me crave her even more. Only, things never work out the way you think they will.

She was hiding shit from me but more than that, she was hiding something from the club. After her betrayal I swore I wouldn’t love again, but just as I swore off women someone else came into the picture.

A breathtaking vixen that was sure to change my mind.

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My Review

Oh how I LOVE THE REAPERS SO MUCH!! I’ve been loving all of them so much, BUT every time I read a book I think that person is my favorite!! So, par for the course, I think Cobra is a new favorite and Izzy is definitely top 10 female characters everrrrr!

I’ve loved Cobra and I love how charismatic he was in this book. But even more than that, he is so trusting. When we were introduced to Sakura (more about her later) he didn’t bat an eye about helping protect her. He’s a damn good man! And man his past, it sucks so bad, but now I’m super curious if we get to hear anymore about his insane dad!!!! Then we have him with Lizzy, he basically gave her his all without even intending too. After the amount of betrayal he was dealt with his ex, it was awesome to see him let loose. They seemed like the PERFECT pairing!!

Now, speaking of betrayal, we had A LOT OF IT in this book! Onyx is a traitorous wench and then we have the a-hole of the century with Izzy’s male bosses. I LOVED the revenge that these people received! Liz was especially savage when it came to Onyx, and seeing Ivy be so savage was so awesome. Then we have Lizzy, this girl has brass balls. She put together the perfect female movement and the justice was SO SWEET!

It was awesome seeing everyone in the club again, but always sad when it’s for the reasons that it is. We got one heck of a surprise from Ivy and Kade, and then Liz took that curve ball and threw it a mile away with the Onyx twist. I can’t say more than that, but holy curveball batman!!! Then we have the addition of Sakura. She was a super pleasant surprise and I love how we got her connected to the OG Reapers. We were left with a lot of unknowns with her and I CANNOT wait to see what comes next.

Per Liz style, we are left with a ton of questions. Every time she does this I have so much anticipation for the next book. I CANNOT wait to see what is to come with Mouser!!



Elizabeth is a romantic suspense author most popular for her Mob and MC books, the international bestselling author of Reign, Redemption, Revenge, Relentless, Reckoning, Promised, The Trade, Tough as Steele, Stripping a Steele & Blackjack.

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