Reviews & Ramblings: October 2019

Here we go again! October reviews ♥

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HighResAfter Always (Always #5)

By Lindsay Becs

It has taken me a long time to pull myself together to write this review. Always has such a special place in my heart, and I wasn’t sure how I’d react to seeing Travis again and him falling in love with someone else. Well let me tell you, Lindsay is a wizard and I fell in love with him all over again!

I absolutely ADORED how Lindsay went about writing this book. We get to follow Travis year to year after Josie’s death. This was both amazing and completely gut wrenching. I cried so much during the first 30% of this book that I had to take my glasses off to read. Now, that being said, I’m a SUPER emotional person. DO NOT LET THIS HOLD YOU BACK! YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW!

Anywho, Lindsay taking us through Travis’s life this way was so special!! We’ve seen some of these moments through the eyes of all of the kids, but it was truly amazing to see it through Travis’s POV. When she brought along Tilly, I was super excited for Travis and really for everyone else. I think that everyone hurt just watching him struggle. Tilly was such a pleasant surprise and a truly amazing person. We learn so much about both of them throughout the years and they are both such special people. I loved seeing them grow and evolve throughout this story. Seeing them both find love again was so great.

Now, I can’t talk about this book without talking about Josie. Just like in the other books, we get to see the letters. These letters ARE EVERYTHING!! Of course, every letter I’d cry again, but to put the amount of thought that Lindsay did with these letters was truly spectacular. Having a letter for certain moments in life was just GENIUS! And of course, we have to also talk about the kids. I loved how we really got to see just how much everyone adores Travis. Even though his age is much closer to Tatum’s and the same age as Ollie, he truly is like a father figure to them both. Add in Benton, Jessie and Bex, those elements just made your heart melt. I really loved seeing the whole family together like we did. They really became an amazing family unit.

I really can’t say too much more without giving this story away, but this was the absolute best ending to the series. Lindsay is such a literary genius and she wrote it so, absolutely, 100% perfectly. She really has this special way with here writing where you get totally sucked in and you can’t leave. You become one with the book and you hang on every word.


46269352._SY475_.jpgI Knead You Tonight (Slice #2)

by Teagan Hunter

This book was absolutely everything I wanted and more to the next book in this series. Both Winston and Drew were soooo different than I expected and were both so amazing!!

Winston is definitely the person who is so much different than he makes himself appear. He’s the good guy who just lets everyone thing whatever they want instead of telling people who he truly is. Insert Drew. Seeing Winston care for Drew was a total game changer. Drew is so super tough, but everyone has their flaws. Winston came in and just swooped her up and put her back on her feet. It really floored me after what we saw of him in A Pizza My Heart. He is such a complex person, and I loved that bout him! I loved that he really kept us wondering and kept us in awe when we found out something no one else knew.

Then we have Drew who is tough as steel, and won’t let anyone in. Winston really helped break down her walls, but in the best way possible. AND LITTLE RYKER! OMG I loved Ryker so much. There is nothing better than seeing a man with a baby. Seeing Ryker with both Winston and Sully was just so darn adorable!!! Babies truly make everyone better. I think that having Ryker in her life really helped Drew in this book. And he helped Winston! Plus, her and Winston had this insane chemistry! I ADORED their weird banter and their sneaking around. Them not admiring their true feelings, all a part of the amazing falling in love gig.

There were some really bullhead things that both Drew and Winston did/went through in this book. It made for the perfect amount of reality in this romcom. You can’t have a book be all about the laughter, and Teagan is so good at bringing a romcom down to earth with real life scenarios. There were so many layers to the story and the characters, that it really kept you on the edge of your seat wanting more. And of course we have some really amazing secondary characters. I LOVED Winston’s dad and Sully in this book! These two were the ones in the background who always helped give a gentle shove in the right direction.

I can’t wait to see what Teagan has in store next!!


Samson.jpgSamson (Cerberus MC #9)

by Marie James

I have always absolutely loved everything Marie has written, but I think with each book I love each one a little bit more. Samson and Cameron’s story was so good! I loved the age gap and how they grew up together. The history between them made this story that much sweeter!

Seeing Samson being this immature a-hole, was hysterical! I love how he kept trying to get Cam’s attention and failing so miserably. Hearing the talks between him and Griffin were equally entertaining. But, I loved when these talks finally clicked with him. We saw the determination and the change in Samson and it was fantastic. It was like watching a romance movie being played out! I didn’t feel like I was reading a book, I felt like I was watching a movie. Then we have Cam, who is desperately trying to resist. Her resisting him was really funny, but seeing her give in was so adorable!

I cannot do this review without talking about the rest of the crew. Seeing everyone together is always amazing, but seeing the couples together was so good! I love when we can continue to see characters from the past. Everyone was such an instrumental part in Samson and Cam’s coupling. Without them who knows what would have happened. We got just enough of each person to really be satisfied. We also got just enough of some other and new people to be super curious!

I cannot wait to see where the next book takes us. The ending to this one was spectacular!! It also left me really wanting to know what happens next!


BreathlessWithHerEbookCoverBreathless With Her (Less Than #1)

by Carrie Ann Ryan

I have never not liked something Carrie Ann has written. Each book I struggle to think if I like this book better than others, because I seriously adore ALL OF THEM. Even when she started writing another genre, EQUALLY AMAZING. So big surprise, Breathless With Her is my CURRENT favorite. At least until I read the next for sure. I just really loved EVERYTHING about Devin and Erin.

Erin was so darn strong! I love how she got out of that horrible relationship and just kept on chugging along. And then of course when Devin comes in the picture, he gets her knees knocking a little. I loved that about her. I love how she let her feelings really rule her. From her feelings about her ex husband and standing up to him to letting Devin in. Although, that being said, both Devin and Erin were SUPER STUBBORN about their feelings. Erin seemed to be infectious though, she has such a drive and she has such an amazing support system.

Then we have Devin. He has this amazing family, but just hasn’t settled down yet. His reaction to Erin was EVERYTHING. From the night where she was drunk on the bar stool next to him, to the moment at the end with the wedding. I just love how he had a very pure reaction to her, like she ignited something within him. These two were explosive with their chemistry and I just loved that! Per the usual with these stubborn characters though, this man and his feelings kept driving me nuts!

I loved Devin’s constant references to the HUGE Montgomery clan, it was truly hysterical. But, they were very much an extended family for him. I loved the ways Carrie Ann brought them in, even more so than just Thea. And of course we have to talk about his siblings. Amelia, Caleb and Dimitri made a huge difference in this story. For Devin, family was a really big part of his life. I really think that this makes a difference in all of Carrie Ann’s books. Having that extra support is everything.

There were so many great twists and turns in this book, each of them was better than the next. And true to Carrie Ann fashion, I had the perfect amount of emotions in this book. I just loved every single second and I can’t wait until the next book!!


HawkHawk (Reapers MC #6)

by Elizabeth Knox

I LOVE HAWK AND RAVEN SO MUCH!!!I was super curious with them after I read Kade. I loved how Liz brought in the concept of “instalove” but in her own way.

There are so many amazing things about Raven that we find in this book. She went through a hella crazy past and she got shot, these things made her such a strong and amazing woman. She is truly bada$$! But, there’s so much more to her than the tough exterior. I absolutely loved how she talked to Fist, when, for the most part, no one else did. And of course the amount of sparks between her and Hawk. Oooo were they explosive. These two were quite the match up, and I loved how perfectly paired they were. While she doesn’t show it, Raven is a very intense and emotional person, and so is Hawk.

Then we have Hawk, who was very much like, let’s get her! I loved that he blatantly asked for Raven’s number too. The INSTANT connection between him and Raven was super awesome. I loved hearing this from both of them too. Having that dual POV made all the different when it came to this. Seeing their feelings develop in their own ways and seeing how “on the same page” they were was super awesome. I also love how instantly protective he was. He wasn’t afraid to hop on a plane and be by her side. I also loved the super Alpha, this is my chick, not yours side of him. The little tift he had with Zane was super entertaining over this.

These two were just so much more than your typical MC couple though. I loved how truly emotional this book was and how it touched on so many hard topics. And of course, true to Liz fashion, we got through a few curve balls and definitely got a few bombs dropped on us. From hearing how normal Hawk grew up, to the atrocious past that Raven came from, it was so much! BUT it was PERFECTION!!! These things made this book a little different than the others. It wasn’t as nitty, gritty, and I really loved that. It really helped this book stand out compared to her others. And, of course, I’m even more interested to see what comes next based on a few conversations Hawk has in the epilogue.


twice in a blue moon.jpgTwice in a Blue Moon

by Christina Lauren

This book was definitely one of my favorite books today!! It’s my first book by Christina Lauren, and I’ll definitely be going back for more!!!! Her writing is done so beautifully and so well! I feel like I’m reading a piece of true literature.

I really love when we get two parts to a story, a now and a then. Christina did this so beautifully!!!! When Sam & Tate met in London, it was so adorable. I loved the way she wrote their blooming romance. Their type of “insta-love” was so special, and so memorable. Who doesn’t want to travel abroad and fall in love? Then, the insane heartbreak that followed, oh how my heart hurt for Tate!!! Each of these single moments were written as if we were a tourist traveling with them, from the moment her and Nana got to the hotel, to when she met Sam & Luther, to after Sam & Luther left. Every moment, every scene, just written so perfectly.

Now for the characters, Tate blew me away. I love how she has this past that no one knows about and how Sam is this farm boy who was saved. They seemed just so perfect for each other. Fast-forward years later, I equally love them as adults. Tate has grown into absolutely everything she wanted to be, and then we get this insane wrench thrown in the works with Sam. This wrench was EVERYTHINGGGGG. The movie that we see Tate do is life-changing, career-changing, it’s a piece of art. To see everything that went into it was so special, but it was also special to see Tate in the role. Sam was absolutely everything I’d hoped for. He’s this rugged man, who also followed his dream. It just couldn’t have been more perfect. Also, soooo aptly named title!

The scenery in this book really blew me away. From the touristy things in London, to the farm on the photo shoot, to just about everything. I really felt like I was feeling the fire that Tate felt while filming, I felt like I was laying in the grass with them, I mean just everything was there! It was truly a big part of what made this book so special!

I have to say, I cannot wait to read more of their books. I can’t believe it took me this long, but it definitely won’t be my last!


HeartlessHeroEbookCoverHeartless Hero

by Mary Catherine Gebhard

I am soooo behind on writing this review, so bare with me if it’s jumped. I ADORED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!! I’m super new to the bully romance scene, but I LOVED IT!!!! Abigail and Theo aren’t at all what I expected. I loved everything that Abigail stood for and how she rebelled without even intending to sometimes. And Theo, he was everything that I had hoped for! He was perfectly mean, perfectly protective, and so darn alpha!

This book had a somewhat Cinderella vibe to me, or maybe Snow White. Abigail was totally the black sheep and her siblings, Grayson and Gemma, were almost like the evil stepsisters. It seemed like, up to an extent, she only had one ally and that was her Grandpa. And in every tail with evil siblings and parents, there’s always s many twists and turns. I think this correlation is what made me love the story so much! It’s such an effed up tale and life that Abigail lives. There were so many times that I felt like I wanted to egg her on and see what she might do next. Add in Theo, who is pretty determined to help make a mockery of his “reject”. I loved everything he represented in this book. I loved how he tormented her, but yet he couldn’t keep away. These two had such a strong past that it completely overshadowed anything they were trying to accomplish.

Everything that Abigail stood for is something that I think everyone can relate to. There is always a certain standard people are meant to be held at, but for her it was so much more than that. She wanted freedom. And I loved how she was almost fearless, but at the same time had so much emotion. My emotion strings were being tugged in so many directions and that’s my absolute favorite kind of book!

Between twists, turns and emotions, this book had absolutely everything I could ever want!

GO READ THIS NOW! It is so worth it!!!


TashaLewisTailorFitCOVERTailor Fit by Tasha Lewis

I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about Remy and Claire in this book!!! We didn’t get to know too much about Remy in Tailor Made, but we knew he was super important to Mason. Getting to see Remy in this light, and watch him grow and evolve, was epic!

Remy wasn’t the same guy in Tailor Made, and it seemed like when he met Claire he was determined to show the world that he could be someone else. He is THE SWEETEST guy ever!!!! OMG I adored him from the moment he met Claire. And Claire was equally sweet! She was super shy, naive and super adorable. When they met at the gallery I loved every second of seeing them together. They both had this INSTANT reaction. Claire’s was much different, for a few reasons, but it was definitely an equal reaction. When Remy swooped in to help Mason, everything he said was so perfect. Seeing this scene from Remy and Claire’s POV was so great. I remember the scene sooo vividly from Tailor Made, so seeing it in another perspective was so cool! We truly got to see all sides to this part of the story!

When we first meet Claire, you instantly worry and wonder what is wrong. But, when we see her as an adult, there’s so much sympathy, but in very different ways. She has this crazy disease that truly holds her back from being whole. It’s as if she’s only lived half of a life. Insert Remy. I loved how absolutely determined he was to help her live life. He didn’t even know why, but he knew she needed. This is one, of many, reasons why Remy was so perfect for her. I absolutely loved how Tasha developed both of these characters. They both had so much life, so much drive and for perfectly different reasons. She took all of the hard topics of life, drove home the reality of it, and showed you how you can be different than a statistic.

There’s so many things I could write about the book, but then I’d be telling you all of it. If you love a man with a purpose, an amazing naive girl, and families that are so strong and supportive, THIS IS FOR YOU! Remy and Claire are both so amazing, but their relationship truly helped them grow as people and change in the best ways!


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