Reviews & Ramblings: September 2019

Got another batch of reviews for you!!

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SOBER - eBook Small - 6x9Sober by K Williams

I have known K for a few years now, and I hadn’t had a chance to read her work. I AM SO GLAD I FINALLY DID!!! Not only is Sober an amazing book, but K did an amazing job writing it!!!

I LOVED everything about Celeste, Kayden, Everly and Tyler! The storying behind Celeste’s sobriety was so sad. Add in how she came to raise Everly, my heart broke for all of them. Celeste is one of the strongest women! To overcome her addiction and raise such amazing children, it was so admirable! She is the best mom any kid could ask for. She fought, tooth and nail to keep her family safe. And Kayden, omg he turned out to be the best kid! He was so mature and nurturing. He was so protective of Celeste and Everly, it was so adorable.

When we are introduced to Tyler the first thing I thought was, I really hope he’s the guy for them. The instant connection that he and Celeste had was electric! I loved the chemistry between these two. Even more, I love how he just became a part of their family. He was there for them in so many ways throughout this whole book. Even putting them before his own family at one point. To see the pain in his eyes while side by side with Celeste helping her through her issues, it brought tears to my eyes.

The amount of emotion in this book is one of my favorite things. I love a truly emotional book, and I don’t mean sad. I mean, I feel every single emotion under the sun. And boy did we in this book. I cried a few times, laughed, was angry, I went through the whole list. K took us on the perfect roller coaster of emotions throughout this book. It also has so many different layers. There wasn’t a single predictable thing about this book.

I cannot recommend this book enough!! I can’t wait to read more of her work!


TapOutEbookCoverTap Out (BTU Alumni #2)

by Alley Ciz

I know this is only book two, but this is quickly becoming a favorite series of mine for SO many reasons! The BTU crew is so awesome and like a giant family, it’s infectious!!!

So when I heard the story was about boxing I had been slightly confused since we had just come from Hockey, but we really get the best of both worlds in this book! Then of course we have the feisty Rocky, what isn’t to love about her? These two had this insane dynamic. Rocky was someone who was super aware of who she was and knew what she was doing. I really loved how she not only knew the sport, but knew how to help with it. She is like the MMA guru! Then of course we have Gage, a UFC Champ!!!!!!!! How exciting is that???? When Gage and Rocky met, I felt just as star struck and he’s a fictional character!! (Side note: their “meet cute” was AWESOME, now that I know that it’s a thing LOL). I LOVED Gage SOOOO much and I loved how he fit right in wth the BTU Alum. I thought it was pretty genius to bring Gage in as an introvert of sorts and totally get melted into this crew. The way they lived and worked together, it was so much fun. They truly are one big family.

Now we really gotta talk about the slow burn we got here. There were SO MANY SPARKS between Gage and Rocky for so long. It was a super slow burn, and you wanted to cheer, hoop and holler by the time they finally got together! Made the anticipation sooo worth it! There was also a lot of drama that came with their relationship and that drama was so awesome. It added this extra element to the book that gave it a slight edge. There was a lot of drama surrounding Gage in general though, it made for some amazing reading.

I know I’ve talked to much about family in this, but the real family members in this story were so great! I LOVED how close Vinny and Rocky were, and then you add in Wyatt and Beth for Gage, it was so heartwarming! I loved that everyone melded together so well! I think that is what draws me the most to this series. The closeness of these friends is something that everyone wants to have! We get to live it through these amazing characters! I can’t wait to see where this goes and who comes next. There’s so many amazing people and I really want this series to never end!!


Wrapped in Ink.jpgWrapped in Ink (Montgomery Ink: Boulder #1)

by Carrie Ann Ryan

I love the Montgomery crew so much! The original MI is the first series I had started to read of Carrie Ann’s and it’s always had a special place with me, so I love that she’s gone on to do stories for all of the cousins!!!

I loved Liam before we even truly knew him in Jagged Ink. He played such a special role for Roxie, and it was VERY swoony. Then when I found he was an author? DONE FOR! I think all of these things made him so, unbelievably perfect for Arden. He’s such a giver, and because Arden is the same way, I think that was a lot of what made him perfect for her. And Arden, how can you not adore her? She lives with this horrific disease, yet she is so strong!

The brothers in this book all have such special roles. I loved how Arden’s brothers completely took care of her, and when Liam came in the picture, they instantly knew their place. Another favorite thing of mine is how Liam is exactly like those brothers. He’s one of 3 brothers with a sister. He knew exactly how Arden needed taken care of, but in so many other ways since he was also her lover. I loved how Arden’s brothers really respected Liam and I think that had a lot to do with it. But of course, talking about family, there was a lot of family drama here. Between overbearing and nosy brothers, and crazy family secrets, there was no shortage of family drama, and I think that definitely added another dynamic to this book.

And her dog, EEEKKKKKKK. Jasper was actually my favorite character in this book (LOL)!!! Even though he isn’t a “support” dog, everything he did for Arden was THE BEST! Then add him and Liam together, total trifecta of amazingness. Jasper really helped both Liam and Arden in so many ways, he really deserved his own section for this post.

Above all, Carrie Ann’s writing is always so amazing! She has the perfect amount of depth and her layers in her books and this one is no exception. There was a roller coaster of emotions and drama and the perfect amount of everything. She has me DYING for more from this family. I cannot wait!


LostYearsEbookCoverLost Years by MK Schiller

There are so many authors in this book world that I love. But, there are a few that really write life changing stories. MK is one of those authors. Every time I read one of her books I fall so in love with them. She has this air about her witting that is just so different. Not only do you become one with the book, you feel like you are the character in the book. I felt like I was living life right alongside Jason. Just the blurb alone made me happy sigh, because I knew this was going to be amazing

From the moment we met Jason I knew this would be different. The way he described these dreams, I was soooo curious. Aunt Rose had me curious too, but I knew at some point we’d find out a little more about it. It’s when Jason finally found Scarlett, that is when I knew I was sucked in completely. These two were the most natural couple. They could talk for hours and their chemistry was out of this world. I loved that Jason knew so much about her, so he knew how to love her.

And Scarlett, she was something else. She was truly one with the island. She was so fierce, but also so sincere. She is truly one of those beautiful people inside and out. When she and Jason started seeing each other, it was like he found his home. She was his calm place and she helped to make him a better person. In reality, she probably helped everyone become better people. Her life with Russell and Tommy was something so special too. This band of friends was everything someone would want in friends. I can’t talk about them too much, but they were so special. I loved how Russell was super protective of Scarlett when Jason is around. He got super growly and it made me laugh and go “aw” all at the same time!

There are so many more things I loved about this book, that I just can’t talk about without spoiling it. I really could talk for days about it! From Aunt Rose to Scarlett, to Anna, to everyone in this book, everyone made a difference. Every character was complete, they had their own personality and brought something to the story. Her character development is one of my favorite things about her writing. There isn’t ever just a “somebody”, each person means something. And then her use of the scenery, I give a dreamy sigh here. There are a lot of special places in this book, from a spot near the water, to the diner. Everything is written in such a special way, that you truly feel these are just as special to you. I could go on and on, but I hope you get the point by now =]


47484889._SY475_Enraged (Iron Vex MC #1)

by Elizabeth Knox

Holy crap did I love this!!! Liz is a darn genius and this was EVERYTHING! I was super curious as to when we would see Rage again, and when we did see him, who he really was. This was showing us a much different side of him. A side that, I’m pretty sure no one, including myself, thought he would have.

I also loved figuring out who Boss was, and what she thought of Rage. Seeing them interact was super curious. They really don’t talk like father and daughter. Plus, the amount of respect he has for her was amazing. Seeing him watch her go through some things in this book was awesome, I loved seeing him be a proud Papa. That being said, Rage is still Rage. He isn’t the pig who we saw before, but there’s still a lot there that was.

We got a LOT of crazy stuff when Iron Vex went to Canada. We got a few crazy bombs dropped on us with that first visit. Really makes me sooo excited to see where this series goes!

Also, we cannot forget Gold to this story was GENIUS! I loved how Liz added in her character and the amount of significance that she has in this story. The feelings that Gold and Rage had were pretty unique. Adding in this “human” element that Rage had needed. I am super curious about her story and where things go with her and the club

As for Rage, I LOVE how Liz ended this book. It was so, absolutely, 100% perfect for Rage’s story!!!


45431346._SY475_.jpgCrazy Rich Cajuns

(Boys of the Bayou #4)

by Erin Nicholas

This series has become one of my absolute favorites. I love this family so much, and you can’t help but feel like you are apart of it. Seeing Bennett in the last two books, you slowly got the feeling that he felt the same way. That being said, I couldn’t wait to see what happened with Kennedy and Bennett.

Kennedy is absolutely AMAZING. She’s kind of like the bread and butter for the Bayou Boys. She really help that company run in so many ways. Insert Bennett, and I loved how he really ruffled her feathers. I also loved how Bennett brought a completely different side of her to life. Then we have Bennett, who we assume the same thing as Kennedy. With his shoes shined and money, we think pompous ass. BUT there are SO MANY LAYERS to who Bennett is!!

Insert Bennett taking Kennedy to Savannah. This sounded so hysterical, in so many ways, and it also sounded like it could backfire on Bennett so incredibly bad. BUT, this trip was the best thing ever!!! We got to see this insane plot twist, from both Bennett and Kennedy, and we got to see how Bennett’s family lives. Seeing this new side to both of them was truly amazing. This book was really different than the others, but I think Kennedy’s story truly needed something different.

There was a LOT of self discovery in this book, both for Bennett and Kennedy but I think for us readers too. I think because of how the stories have gone so far, we only saw Kennedy as a bayou girl, we, along with Bennett, didn’t see her true potential. Seeing how Kennedy fit right in with Bennett’s family was really eye opening. I really loved how Erin built in so many different layers to this story and to Bennet and Kennedy’s characters. It’s always super exciting to get to peel back these layers to discover who a character truly is, and it was spectacular in this book for both of them!

All of what I said kind of makes this story sound so super serious, but in reality it was the complete opposite. The beginning was a little bit of a shit show, which was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL! Kennedy meeting Bennett’s mom, now THAT was pure genius!! There were so many parts where I found myself laughing out loud so hard! Now, there were definitely serious moments, but the best part of this book was that we got it all. Seeing these two kind of break out of their shell was so much fun. Also seeing Bennett and Kennedy in a different setting was fun too.

I basically don’t want this family’s story to EVER end!

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