Release Day: Gone Country

YOU GUYSSSSSSS!!!! This is definitely one of my favorite reads OF THE YEAR! Stella and I are so much alike, that it was creepy. I was even messaging Katrina, YOU KNOW ME! lol You guys have to read!!!!

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Gone Country by Katrina Marie is now available!

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What happens when a city girl goes country?

She is a driven city girl with her eyes on the prize.

He is a smoking hot country mechanic whose prize is her.

Stella Monroe has her eye on one thing…a promotion. So when her boss offers her an opportunity to show her value to the company, she decides to take it. There is just one problem. Moving to a small town away from her city life isn’t Stella’s idea of a good time. But she’s got this. Right?

From the minute she arrives in the country, Stella is beginning to lose her confidence. Her car ends up in a ditch, a snake decides to visit her in the shower, and the quiet is driving her crazy. Her only saving grace is the hot mechanic that rescued her from the side of the road. His mix of kindness and cocky playfulness is definitely appealing, but can she manage her career and a fling?

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My Review

Ok you guys, YOU ALL NEED TO GO GET THIS NOW! Stella and Johnny are so awesome and so 100% relatable!!! There were so many funny thing about Stella that I kept thinking, OMG THIS IS ME IN THIS BOOK! On top of that, she’s strong willed and super funny. What isn’t to love about a lead woman with those qualities?? Stella is also a city girl, which I can 100% relate to. Although, I may have died if I had been in a situation or two of hers, and I am not exaggerating lol!

Let’s talk a little more about Stella. This girl is so awesome! Part of how I can relate is that she’s super clumsy, but a total workaholic. As much as I try, I’m definitely both of those! BUT this leads her to Johnny, and holy cow is Johnny awesome! Stella is definitely the type whole thinks/thought work was more important. Insert Johnny. I was so dang happy that Johnny wasn’t a serial killer when he helped Stella at the side the road LOL. (I am one to almost never remember a blurb before I read a book, so I was in the dark about the names). He was so perfectly kind, but also had a truck load of charisma. This man was smoooooth! I loved how he treated Stella from the moment they met. Also, THEY HAD SPARKS. Holy cow did they have sparks. They caught each other with lingering eyes more than once. So I was so super excited to see just how daring Johnny was.

Johnny is one relentless people, and I loved that about him! He wasn’t about to let Stella fall through his finger-tips, especially when he could see that her desire matched her own. Watching these two figure things out was SO MUCH FUN. I had so many laughs, but also there were some pretty amazing steamy parts.

Now, I cannot talk about this book without talking about the cousins!! Tiffany & Aubrey are both one of a kind! These girls are definitely ride and die. Made me want to text my cousin and check in! What I loved most was how supportive they were. Although, Tiffany did give a lot of crap, you could tell she 100% cared. Everyone needs an Aubrey and Tiffany in their life!!! I CANNOT wait to see what she has in store for these two!!

Back to the book, this book was so awesome. I don’t want to give away much, but there’s everything you need. There’s some really funny parts, some serious parts, some steamy parts, awesome friends and a few wrenches thrown in to throw you off. You cannot ask for more! Go buy now!



Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life.

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