Release Day: Tailor Fit

YOU GUYSSSSSS. I loved this book sooo much!!! Tasha is amazing!

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Tailor Fit by Tasha Lewis
Genre: NA Contemporary Romance


Are we really destined to last or does fate have another plan in hand?
My world came to a screeching halt the day I met Claire. I don’t bother to keep my distance because she would never fall for a guy like me, and you know what they say, once an addict, always an addict. Even though I’ve kicked the habit, I’m quickly addicted to her. However, it all comes to a crashing halt as her lies start to unravel and the truth revealed. Will we be able to move past them or will I once again have to start a new life?
Destined to live a short and simple life, I tend to stick to myself until I run into Remy. For once, fate’s on my side and before I know it, I’m in too deep with secrets I can’t reveal. If Remy knew the truth, he would leave. They always leave.
Will I lose the only man to love me as everything starts to unravel? Or will we find that we were made to last?

My Review
I absolutely loved EVERYTHING about Remy and Claire in this book!!! We didn’t get to know too much about Remy in Tailor Made, but we knew he was super important to Mason. Getting to see Remy in this light, and watch him grow and evolve, was epic!

Remy wasn’t the same guy in Tailor Made, and it seemed like when he met Claire he was determined to show the world that he could be someone else. He is THE SWEETEST guy ever!!!! OMG I adored him from the moment he met Claire. And Claire was equally sweet! She was super shy, naive and super adorable. When they met at the gallery I loved every second of seeing them together. They both had this INSTANT reaction. Claire’s was much different, for a few reasons, but it was definitely an equal reaction. When Remy swooped in to help Mason, everything he said was so perfect. Seeing this scene from Remy and Claire’s POV was so great. I remember the scene sooo vividly from Tailor Made, so seeing it in another perspective was so cool! We truly got to see all sides to this part of the story!

When we first meet Claire, you instantly worry and wonder what is wrong. But, when we see her as an adult, there’s so much sympathy, but in very different ways. She has this crazy disease that truly holds her back from being whole. It’s as if she’s only lived half of a life. Insert Remy. I loved how absolutely determined he was to help her live life. He didn’t even know why, but he knew she needed. This is one, of many, reasons why Remy was so perfect for her. I absolutely loved how Tasha developed both of these characters. They both had so much life, so much drive and for perfectly different reasons. She took all of the hard topics of life, drove home the reality of it, and showed you how you can be different than a statistic.

There’s so many things I could write about the book, but then I’d be telling you all of it. If you love a man with a purpose, an amazing naive girl, and families that are so strong and supportive, THIS IS FOR YOU! Remy and Claire are both so amazing, but their relationship truly helped them grow as people and change in the best ways!




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