Cover Reveal: A Different Side

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Release Date: November 14

Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis – Cover By Design

Genre: Sports Romance I Contemporary Romance


A DIFFERENT SIDE (Trilogy – Books 1,2&3) 


****Will be available on KINDLE UNLIMITED****


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BK1 A Different Side E-Book Cover.png

I live for football. 

For the rush of it. 

For the thrill of the game. 

As the quarterback for Park Hill University, I’m fast, so fast they coined me with the name of “The Raven”. But I have a problem, we’ll actually two. The first one is drugs. If I’m going to continue playing college football, I have no other choice but to stay clean. However, the daily pain and torment of my past makes it damn hard. 

The second problem I have is women. Women are dying to get caught up with me. In fact, they use #TheRavensTrap on all their social media posts. The one day-and-night-stands have been ‘effin great until I got assigned a new tutor. For some reason, I can’t seem to get Lexi Thompson out of my head. The only problem is, she’s not interested in getting caught in my trap. She’s a really good girl and her sweet innocence has me making up new plays to see how I can score a touchdown with her. And I’m not going to give up until I do.


BK2.1 A Different Side E-Book Cover.png

Lexi is everything I need and exactly what I’ve been missing. 

She has filled all the missing pieces and made me whole.

Problem is the demons in my head tell me she’s too good for me and I don’t deserve her.

Her parents also don’t approve of me and are threatening to expose some of my past that would permanently get me kicked out of Park Hill University and off the football team, forever. 

I have to decide is Lexi worth risking it all? Worth risking football and my future career as a pro player?



BK3 A Different Side E-Book Cover.png

I screwed up and now my college football career is on the line. And the woman that means everything to me is determined to keep her word and stand by my side, even though I don’t deserve her.

The love Lexi and I have for one another is too strong to deny and too profound to walk away from. But can she help me get rid of these demons forever or will they continue to destroy me and our relationship? Can we survive the challenges that life is throwing at us and will I get another chance to continue playing college football or is this it for me? All I know is that I’m willing to do whatever it takes as long as I have Lexi by my side.


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