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After Always (Always Series: Book Five) is Here!!

Available Exclusively on Amazon and FREE with KU!

The fifth and final book of the Always Series by Lindsay Becs is a slow burn single dad romance that will bring on ALL the feels!

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I knew I was falling in love with the woman of my dreams when I was sixteen.

I waited almost three years before telling her how I felt and then spent almost another year convincing her to give us a chance.  She didn’t.  And we lost two more years that we should have had together.

Then circumstances changed and I knocked on her door, falling to my knees and begging her to be mine.  She was.  And we began some of the hardest yet most beautiful years of my life.

When you love someone with your whole heart and your soul longs for theirs; when is it time to let go?  Do you hold tight to each memory, thirsting for it to become reality again?  Or do you keep them locked up tight so no one can snatch them away?

I don’t know…  It feels like there’s a hole in my heart and what’s left is tarnished and used up.  Is it?  Am I?  What happens now?  Especially when things begin to change around me.


My Review

It has taken me a long time to pull myself together to write this review. Always has such a special place in my heart, and I wasn’t sure how I’d react to seeing Travis again and him falling in love with someone else. Well let me tell you, Lindsay is a wizard and I fell in love with him all over again!

I absolutely ADORED how Lindsay went about writing this book. We get to follow Travis year to year after Josie’s death. This was both amazing and completely gut wrenching. I cried so much during the first 30% of this book that I had to take my glasses off to read. Now, that being said, I’m a SUPER emotional person. DO NOT LET THIS HOLD YOU BACK! YOU NEED TO READ THIS NOW!

Anywho, Lindsay taking us through Travis’s life this way was so special!! We’ve seen some of these moments through the eyes of all of the kids, but it was truly amazing to see it through Travis’s POV. When she brought along Tilly, I was super excited for Travis and really for everyone else. I think that everyone hurt just watching him struggle. Tilly was such a pleasant surprise and a truly amazing person. We learn so much about both of them throughout the years and they are both such special people. I loved seeing them grow and evolve throughout this story. Seeing them both find love again was so great.

Now, I can’t talk about this book without talking about Josie. Just like in the other books, we get to see the letters. These letters ARE EVERYTHING!! Of course, every letter I’d cry again, but to put the amount of thought that Lindsay did with these letters was truly spectacular. Having a letter for certain moments in life was just GENIUS! And of course, we have to also talk about the kids. I loved how we really got to see just how much everyone adores Travis. Even though his age is much closer to Tatum’s and the same age as Ollie, he truly is like a father figure to them both. Add in Benton, Jessie and Bex, those elements just made your heart melt. I really loved seeing the whole family together like we did. They really became an amazing family unit.

I really can’t say too much more without giving this story away, but this was the absolute best ending to the series. Lindsay is such a literary genius and she wrote it so, absolutely, 100% perfectly. She really has this special way with here writing where you get totally sucked in and you can’t leave. You become one with the book and you hang on every word.

After Always 4

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