Release Day: Cherry

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┊┊┊┊ #NewRelease
┊┊☆ A Wings of Diablo MC Novella

Genre: MC Romance
Author: Rae B. Lake

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I am a Club Bunny.
Scratch that!
I am THE Club Bunny.
My parents named me Charity but the boys know me as Cherry. I spent my entire adolescent life thinking that I was wrong for loving ecstasy. Believing that I was a heathen for making men and women whimper with need. I wandered around for a long while until I found the men at the Wings of Diablo MC Club. Here is where I found my home.
It’s true that I will never be Ol’ Lady material but I will never regret the pleasure, the mind-shattering passion, the muscle clenching, nerve scorching euphoria that each and every patched member left me in. I am a club bunny and I love every second of it.
*A novella filled with steamy nights with your favorite Wings of Diablo Members.*

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I let my hands slide up his torso to his rock-hard pecs; he was solid underneath the clothes that he was wearing.
I let my nail trail along the ridges of his abs as I made my way back down.
I let my hands fall gently on his cock, I didn’t know if he could focus on riding and me playing with him at the same time but I wanted him to know that I wanted him.
Again I waited for him to move my hand or tell me to stop. Nothing.

░M░O░R░E░░I░N░░S░E░R░I░ E░S░

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