Reviews & Ramblings: July 2019

Hello loves! Soooo I noticed bout a week ago that I completely forgot to do a post for July’s reads!!!! (Surprise right?) This summer has been non-stop for me, and I’ve had some AMAZING reads. Also at some point this week I’ll have a video up with my “summer reads” to summarize everything I’ve read in June, July & August!

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arc reads

Only Ever You by CD Reiss

1.jpgI really loved everything about this book. CD Reiss really has this way about her with her writing, it’s magnificent. This book talks about some very real problems in today’s society, but she writes about it in the best ways! These two were underdogs who completely rose up!

Now, let’s talk about Rachel and Sebastian. I ADORE these two sooo much. One of my favorite parts was how close they were growing up. Seeing Rachel defend Seb was so adorable and so admirable! Then on the flip side, I was really sad that they didn’t keep in touch about adults. BUT, this is a big but, it made them seeing each other as adults THAT MUCH BETTER. The reaction that they each had, internally, toward each other was hysterical! Seb wasn’t the nerdy kid who got bullied anymore, he was HOT HOT HOT! Everything from the transformation to their marriage pact, I GOT SO SUCKED IN! These two were just so great about the whole thing. I loved how they were going along with this crazy wedding scheme, but at the same time they were really starting a relationship.

There was the perfect amount of pure, true romance, the perfect amount of sexy, teasing moments and the perfect amount of drama. It’s like at trifecta of awesome. And there were sooo many layers. Layers to the story, layers to who Seb and Rachel were, and layers to their new lives. Then we add in people like the parents and Seb’s sister. It was just so great! I LOVE secondary characters and the family in the story were so perfect for that. I even loved the relationships with their friends. There really wasn’t a stone unturned here. Each person had their own unique and developed personality, even if you only saw them for a few sentences here and there.

I cannot recommend this book enough!!


The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol #1)

by Courtney Lynn Rose

tAB_front_ebookI LOVED THIS BOOK SO HARD!!! Books with action and romance are my favorite, and this one was one of the best! I cannot believe that this is Courtney’s debut book!

I loved every single thing about Lily and Blake, especially how they came from such different places. Yet, they seemed to fit so perfectly together! Lily was so broken down when we met her, her past was something that was haunting, so to see her truly transformed during her time with Blake was so epic! Lily was one bad-a$$ chick and I loved how seeing just how beastly she was. This girl could take down anyone and I think that Blake truly respected and admire that. Then we have Blake who is almost the opposite. He has gone through a lot, but nothing like Lily. He is such a true alpha male in this, which makes your heart pitter patter so much for Lily!!! There is so much chemistry between these two that the sparks could be seen for miles!!!

My favorite part of a good book are the secondary characters, and the secondary characters rock so much in this book! They bring sooo much to the table. Lily’s team is absolutely hysterical, and they know her pretty well. It’s a crazy roller coaster of emotions from this team when it comes to Lily. Between Lily’s past, the present they are trying to combat and everything in the middle, there is the perfect amount of drama too. Courtney takes us on the best roller coaster with this book. from emotions, to drama and to romantics. It’s just so perfectly done. I CANNOT wait to get more from her


Falling With You (Fractured Connections #3)

by Carrie Ann Ryan

FallingWithYouEbookCoverI was so excited to finally read Aiden and Sienna’s story and Carrie Ann gave me EVERYTHING I needed!! There was the perfect mix of drama and emotions. It had so many layers and was the perfect kind of roller coaster with emotions.

I was super curious about Sienna and her life after reading the past two books. We saw a lot of Aiden and know a lot of about him through the brothers, but we didn’t know a whole lot about Sienna. She really was kind of elusive. Seeing her and Aiden together was super adorable, I LOVED their bickering and I really loved seeing the heat in their eyes. When they finally got together I wanted to cheer so badly! But, of course it wasn’t that easy for them. These two have quite a past and Allison really was a huge part of their lives, and she was an interesting wrench in their works.

Then we have Aiden, who we knew a good bit about because of the history with his brothers, but we never saw anything from his POV. He has all of this anger, but he’s also so confused about his feelings. I really enjoyed seeing the softer side of him, it seems like Dillon and Sienna will eventually turn him into a teddy bear LOL. I loved seeing him in his element at work, but I also really liked seeing the side of him with Sienna. At the beginning of the book they went through a really rough event together and the side of Aiden we saw after that was SO ALPHA! I LOVED IT SO MUCH! Seeing him be so protective of Sienna was seriously swoony.

Although these two had their issues, I really loved them together! Their relationship was pretty different from the others, but similar also. They almost had to start over, and really leave their past aside. There was a lot to layers to each of them and I think that made them so interesting! I can’t wait to see more from this family and their friends!!


Making Up (Shaking Up #4) by Helena Hunting

4.jpgCosy and Griffin were so much fun! I loved their absolutely quirky relationship so much. I was constantly laughing and on the edge of my seat.

Cosy (amazing name) is such a great and strong lead female!! I LOVED how different and understanding she was. She has this amazing life of travel while still pursuing her dreams. I mean, who wouldn’t want that life? So, I loved when Griffin came in and rocked her world completely. I think he took her off guard just as much and she did him. Seeing her reaction to him was absolutely hysterical. I loved that she kept saying these awful punny and inappropriate lines when they met, and then his equally awkward reaction. It was all so great. Definitely a story to tell their grand kids! LOLOL

Griffin was 100% not what I expected. Not that the other Mills men were, but I loved how carefree Griffin was. He was living his best life, while still having fun, but also running the world as usual. I think that is part of what made him the perfect match to Cosy, because she is very much the same way. In this story poor Griffin has so many blunders, and I really felt for him. There were a few twists and turns that really had me on the edge of my seat wondering what might happen next. I also kept wondering, what the heck is Cosy thinking in this mess? But, I loved how for every bad moment there were SO many amazing ones for these two. The amount of chemistry and easy they have, it’s so admirable!

Now, we have to talk about the supporting characters. From Nev to Lex, we got some goodies. I loved seeing Lex again and how he helped out Griffin. I also loved the bad guys, because without the bad guys this would be just your run of the mill rom-com. They have this story the perfect amount of layers that it needed.

I can’t wait to see where she takes us with this Shacking Up world!


Kade (Reapers MC #5) by Elizabeth Knox

KadeJust when I think I’ve found a favorite book of Liz’s I read something even better. I loved every single thing about Kade and Ivy’s story. I was so super curious about her when we found out before, but after some time went on I kind of forgot. (Sadly my brain works like that) So when we got back to it, my mind and heart were singing praises!!!

This book had a good bit of nitty gritty too it and I really loved that. Liz doesn’t write “soft” MC Books, but from she hasn’t written anything lately that has quite as much action as this one. I think all of this made me love it so much more! I loved that there was so much action and drama in it. There was so much going on with Ivy, between Grizzly, Connor and some new characters, it was all just so epic. Ivy is one TOUGH b****! I absolutely love how tough and gritty she is. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind at all, especially at the end of the book. She really had some truly amazing moments. That being said, I love how she didn’t “need” to be tough all of the time. She went through SO MUCH in this book, so she was totally allowed to need someone, especially Kade. Their relationship grew so much throughout this book, it was super adorable. Although, adorable and super alpha. I loved how their relationship really brought out an alpha side in Kade.

We also got to see a lot of the other Reapers in this. We haven’t seen them in a while since the last two were the new Vegas charter. Seeing Fist and Zane again was so great. I loved getting to know some of the other Reapers as well as some of new and returning Reapers. There’s so much more to know about this crew and and I can’t wait to hear about it!

Liz gave us the best roller coaster throughout this book. I never had any idea what was going to happen, she kept me on the edge of my seat constantly, and that’s the best. It was so emotional in so many ways too. The layers were just like an onion and peeling them back was so satisfying. I CANOT WAIT FOR MORE!


Perky by Julia Kent

PerkyEbookCoverI love this series so much! Heck, I don’t even know if it’s a series, but it’s awesome. In Fluffy I ADORED Perky and I could NOT wait until we found out more about her and Parker!!!

Before I go into how awesome Perky and Parker were, I have to talk about some other crazy stuff in this book. There were so many awesome, funny, crazy things: Crazy mom, an evil bad guy, hippie stuff, lots of coffee + the whole meme business. That was a lot to throw into this book and it made it so crazy and hysterical, I wouldn’t have changed a thing!!! All of these things made the perfect storm for Perky and Parker! (P.s. I love putting their names together lol just sounds good).

Now, for Perky. Holy crap did this girl go through so much! To have to deal with the whole world having seen your ta-tas and a meme be made of it? OH HECK NO!! I can’t even imagine. I loved her family so much for helping her, and especially loved Mallory and Will throughout this whole thing! Will totally was ready to murder Parker, which was just so epic! She had a whole team of love behind her, and it was so great. Then we have the coffee shop she worked at and Raul, THAT WAS HYSTERICAL! Her interactions w the coffee shop and Raul totally made everything so much funnier. Although, joking parts aside, I loved that Perky did what she did for the coffee community!

Then we have Parker. He’s the “bad guy” who is perfect and says he didn’t do it. This man did everything he possibly could to try and win back Perky. I was totally on Parker’s side the whole time. So many of things he was involved were equally funny, but also brought in so much drama!! His drama though is what really evened out this book. The perfect RomCom is so much more than comedy, it has to have layers, and boy did this one have layers! We also had a lot of emotions throughout this book.

Overall I could not have asked for anything more from Perky’s book. It had so much sass, crass, funny moments, drama-filled moments, it was just PERFECT. PERKY IS PERFECT lolol. Also THAT ENDING! I CANNOT wait for the next book!!!!


unnamed (1)

Public Relations by Laura Lee

This gets 6/5 stars on the steamy short story scale!!! Laura did an amazing job packing as much as she could into this short story. It has all of the super sexy parts to make it perfectly steamy, and it has just enough of a story line and ending to give us all of the important parts of a story!

I loved Liam and Avery so much. I loved that they constantly had this hateful banter, but that it fueled their desire for each other. This is also a romcom of sorts. Avery had me laughing my butt off from the every beginning. We get introduced to her in a very unique way and it made it all the more hysterical.



Griffin (Cerberus MC #8)  by Marie James

e4d7f-marie2bjames2bgriffin2bcover6/5 stars!!! I love this MC series so much, mostly because it isn’t your “typical” MC series. This book though is a bit different from the others. Marie managed to touch multiple tough topics in this book and she went about them in the most beautiful way!!!

I am having issues putting into words Griffin in this book. The crap he dealt with as a Marine and his life post-marines was SO heartbreaking. Seeing this man shut down and cave into himself was just the saddest thing. I ADORED Ivy though. She definitely gave him a no-nonsense attitude though. She held her own with him and that was sooo admirable. It was also exactly what Griffin needed. He needed her there to bust his balls and try and keep him in the right direction. The stubbornness of each of them was hysterical though.

There were so many things that I loved about Ivy. I love how she wasn’t afraid to be different, to be herself and to be who SHE wanted to be. Her innocence was super adorable and I love how proud she was of it. Seeing her with Melissa and Delilah was hysterical since she is complete opposite of him. But, when we see her with Griffin she became a completely different person. I loved that! I love that she really thrived with him. She even went up against her dad once, which was totally awesome.

Speaking of Dad, I loved seeing glimpses of the old timers and their wives. Seeing their protectiveness of their children is so great! I also loved that they really got behind Griffin in this book and didn’t let him wither away with his issues.

That being said, I can’t really say much more without giving things away. I think this is definitely one of my favorites of the Cerberus MC so far though! I loved every minute of Griffin and Ivy and I think this was just written so darn well!

Personal Reads.jpg

Only got to read one of these in July!!

Sweet Home Louisiana (Boys of the Bayou #2)

by Erin Nicholas

sweet home.jpgThere is something so amazing to Erin’s writing. In each book she reads, you truly feel like you are right there with her charters. I’ve felt that way about every book of hers I’ve read, but especially with this series. The way she writes about the Bayou and their business, it truly makes you want to be working side-by-side with this family!

I was SO super curious about Maddie when I read book 1, because we had only gotten the tiniest glimpse of her and Owen’s explosive past. After the crazy story of Josh and Tori falling in love, I just knew that Owen and Maddie’s story was going to special. I loved how Erin wrote their present, because I felt like I got to experience what the family did when they were 16. I felt like we got to witness the insanity of them falling in love all over again. And of course, by insanity, I truly mean insanity. It was absolutely HYSTERICAL, to see the amount of crazy these two became over each other. From the stories that Maddie told to keep girls away, to Owen having to keep his fists in check, it was so darn entertaining.

The best part of these books is the family and the setting. This family is BIG and boisterous, and just about everything you’d think of when it comes to a southern family. I loved seeing everyone again and getting to see the inner workings of how this family functions. We also got to see a lot more of some of the relationships mentioned in book 1 as well as more from Sawyer and Kennedy. I love all of these people so much, but I truly loved seeing new and more in-depth sides to Sawyer and Kennedy. We also got to see so much more of how the group runs their business, and that’s such an integral part of this series.

Overall though, my favorite part of this book was seeing Owen and Maddie truly discover themselves. They got to really grow into who they’ve become as adults and almost “prove” themselves. Seeing them blossom as individuals while they blossomed as couples was truly amazing. I CANNOT wait to see what Maddie and the group have in store for Sawyer and Juliet!


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