Release Day: Sober

This is super late in the day, but I just finished and I had to share!!! LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!  I’ve known K forever now and I’m so happy to finally have been able to read it!

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Sober by K Williams

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Three years ago rock bottom hit for Celeste when she lost her son and was sentenced to six months in jail. On that day, she vowed to never touch a drop of alcohol again and to eliminate every possible trigger in her life, including men.

With custody of her son back, a job she loves, and a darling little girl, her life is headed in the right direction. But when she moves into a new house and she meets her handsome neighbor, Tyler, the vow she made to stay away from men is tested.

Will Celeste be able to stay away, or will Tyler become the happily ever after she never thought was possible?



I have known K for a few years now, and I hadn’t had a chance to read her work. I AM SO GLAD I FINALLY DID!!! Not only is Sober an amazing book, but K did an amazing job writing it!!!

I LOVED everything about Celeste, Kayden, Everly and Tyler! The storying behind Celeste’s sobriety was so sad. Add in how she came to raise Everly, my heart broke for all of them. Celeste is one of the strongest women! To overcome her addiction and raise such amazing children, it was so admirable! She is the best mom any kid could ask for. She fought, tooth and nail to keep her family safe. And Kayden, omg he turned out to be the best kid! He was so mature and nurturing. He was so protective of Celeste and Everly, it was so adorable.

When we are introduced to Tyler the first thing I thought was, I really hope he’s the guy for them. The instant connection that he and Celeste had was electric! I loved the chemistry between these two. Even more, I love how he just became a part of their family. He was there for them in so many ways throughout this whole book. Even putting them before his own family at one point. To see the pain in his eyes while side by side with Celeste helping her through her issues, it brought tears to my eyes.

The amount of emotion in this book is one of my favorite things. I love a truly emotional book, and I don’t mean sad. I mean, I feel every single emotion under the sun. And boy did we in this book. I cried a few times, laughed, was angry, I went through the whole list. K took us on the perfect roller coaster of emotions throughout this book. It also has so many different layers. There wasn’t a single predictable thing about this book.

I cannot recommend this book enough!! I can’t wait to read more of her work!

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