Release Day: Always You

EEEEEKKKKKKKKKKKKK I think ya’ll know how much I ADORE Lindsay and this series. This is definitely my favorite of the last 3 books in this series!

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Always You (Always Series: Book Four) by Lindsay Becs

Cover Designer: Alexandria Bishop, AB Formatting & Design

Photographer: Courtney Rybicki

Cover Models: Taylor Margaret and Kirtland Neal


Release Day: August 21!

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I knew he was trouble from the moment he moved next door, but all I needed was him.  He looked out for me, protected me, and became my best friend.  I just wish he saw me as more.  Sometimes it feels like he does.  Especially in those moments when he curls up behind me in bed, pulls me close, and says those two words I long to hear.

Truth is, that’s when I feel like I’m truly home…  Will he ever feel that too?


I think I knew I loved her since she gave me that first cup of awful lemonade.  Before I gave her apologies in paper airplanes.  Before I snuck in her window at night.  Before I was ready to cross that fine line.  Then we blurred that line and she was all I wanted.  But I think it’s too late.  I waited too long to tell her how I feel.

Truth is, I’ll never truly be home unless I’m with her…  Am I too late?


Always You offers a little bit of everything in this fourth book of the Always Series by Lindsay Becs.

💛 Friends-to-lovers

💛Military romance

💛A pinch of second chance thrown in


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My Review

You know, sometimes when you read a book from your favorite author, you think, there’s no way they can top this. BUT THEN IT HAPPENS! Lindsay is always surprising me, and I fall more and more in love with these characters with each book. I can easily say that of the children’s books, this is BY FAR, my favorite. To me, this book was just so much more special. We didn’t really know Penny in Always, but we got these awesome glimpses of her throughout Always there and Promise Me Always. That being said, We TRULY got to see Penny in every way in this book.

I absolutely adored how Lindsay took us through Jesse and Penny at different points in their life. How she showed us a few really special moments as they grew together. And by grew together, I mean in so many ways! Growing up to be adults, growing together as friends, and growing together as a couple. This was one of the sweetest and slowest burns you could have. I truly think that Jesse and Penny always knew they’d be together, but they really had to find themselves first. When we first meet Jesse, I loved how Penny was trying to take care of him. Seeing her do this really made me think of her mom, and I think that was super special. I am crying writing this because there were so many special moments like this where you think of Josie. These two were so great together. I love how they were totally different, yet really complimented each other. Penny grew into this amazing young woman, and I really loved that she works with her Dad. Penny and Jesse both had some pretty significant curve balls in this story too. The biggest being Jesse’s, but I think both of these things really helped them grow. Sometimes being apart from each other is the best thing for you. For these two, it really meant a lot of different things.

One of my favorite parts about this series is the letters that Josie has left for everyone. Every. Single. Time. I CRY! It’s just the sweetest, most adorable thing, and I can’t help but cry for this family. Travis had dealt with so much throughout these books, and seeing Penny and him transform was just so beautiful. Then, to see Penny grow into someone who is so much like Josie, dear lord. Cue the darn waterworks. Ugh, I’m so emotional and this book is so emotional. But, perfectly emotional. There were so many funny parts, sad parts, angry parts, it’s just so perfectly balanced.

And as usual, I LOVED seeing Tatum, Ollie and Travis! Seeing them with Jesse and Penny was so cute. Add in Jesse’s Aunt Tillie, it was just absolutely amazing. This family is so amazing and so close. Lindsay really writes them to make you feel like you are there and apart of it. Oh and I can’t forget Bear!! I loved their dog Bear, he was like another character!!

I cannot wait to see where Lindsay takes us from here ❤

Other Books In The Series

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Are you new to the Always Series?  Get started now with the first book while it’s on #sale for a limited time for only 99 Lucky Pennies and the first three books are #FREE on #KindleUnlimited!!!

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Lindsay Becs is a contemporary/new adult romance indie author.  Who tends to write stories that give you all the feels but also loves throwing in witty banter and sarcastic humor.  All of her books can be found FREE on Kindle Unlimited too!

She’s a coffee addict, avid reader, Netflix binger, and fuzzy sock lover who gets her brain fuel from peanut M&M’s and likes to unwind with a classy glass of whiskey at the end of the day.

Lindsay is privileged to follow my military hubs around the world with their three crazies and seven year old puppy.  They currently live in Japan  but are proud Mid-westerners from Ohio through and through. (O-H!)

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