Cover Reveal: Understanding Beauty

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Understanding Beauty (The Beauty Trilogy #2) by Raven Scott & Courtney Lynn Rose
Cover Design by: Charli Childs, Cosmic Letterz Cover Design
Publisher: Knox Publishing
understanding beauty 2.jpg


My life has always been “picture perfect”, but that’s because I ensured it always would be. I’ve lived by a set of rules that I taught myself long ago. From my thrilling job, to being with the perfect man – I’ve always had it all.

They say all things come tumbling down, and that is exactly what happened.

The only constant in my life now is pain. Only, I’m not suffering alone. My best friend is much like me. We’re both barely keeping our heads above water, but somehow we’ve survived this long.

All of it was innocent, until it wasn’t.

The question I now ask myself is: Will we be able to use love to overcome our darkness, or will that too come crashing down?

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