Release Day: Griffin

I am blown away today by releases and covers! This was not only one of my favorite books this year, but possible one of my favorite books written by Marie. I HIGHLY suggest it ♥

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Title: Griffin
Author: Marie James
US | UK | CA | AU
Series: Cerberus MC; Book 8
Genre: MC Romance
I was the golden child. The one all the Cerberus guys looked up to. I was on my way to becoming the next career Marine. 

But after my last deployment to Syria, being a Marine was no longer an option.

Unfortunately, my not so honorable discharge from the Corps didn’t get rid of the demons created while I was enlisted. 
Not even my childhood friend can save me. I’ll destroy her just like I destroyed everything else I touched.

My Review

6/5 stars!!! I love this MC series so much, mostly because it isn’t your “typical” MC series. This book though is a bit different from the others. Marie managed to touch multiple tough topics in this book and she went about them in the most beautiful way!!!

I am having issues putting into words Griffin in this book. The crap he dealt with as a Marine and his life post-marines was SO heartbreaking. Seeing this man shut down and cave into himself was just the saddest thing. I ADORED Ivy though. She definitely gave him a no-nonsense attitude though. She held her own with him and that was sooo admirable. It was also exactly what Griffin needed. He needed her there to bust his balls and try and keep him in the right direction. The stubbornness of each of them was hysterical though.

There were so many things that I loved about Ivy. I love how she wasn’t afraid to be different, to be herself and to be who SHE wanted to be. Her innocence was super adorable and I love how proud she was of it. Seeing her with Melissa and Delilah was hysterical since she is complete opposite of him. But, when we see her with Griffin she became a completely different person. I loved that! I love that she really thrived with him. She even went up against her dad once, which was totally awesome.

Speaking of Dad, I loved seeing glimpses of the old timers and their wives. Seeing their protectiveness of their children is so great! I also loved that they really got behind Griffin in this book and didn’t let him wither away with his issues.

That being said, I can’t really say much more without giving things away. I think this is definitely one of my favorites of the Cerberus MC so far though! I loved every minute of Griffin and Ivy and I think this was just written so darn well!




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