Release Day: The Auction Block

EEEEKKKKKKK YOU GUYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I Loved this book sooooo hard. This is her first book and HOLY $$$$$$$$$. You’d never know it. SO much love for this woman!

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The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol #1) by Courtney Lynn Rose is #LIVE now!


The Auction Block (Agents of Interpol #1) by Courtney Lynn Rose
Cover Design by: Laura Medieros
Photography by: Reggie Deanching, R + M Photo
Model: Holly Wysong
Releasing July 15, 2019


Human traffickers call me The Viper.
And I know their world like the back of my hand. I should— I’m a former sex slave.
In truth, my name is Lily Williams.
#1 Agent for Interpol’s Human Trafficking Taskforce.
My team hunts and infiltrates human trafficking rings.
I kill the sick son-of-a-bitches that run those rings.
For ten years, that’s all I’ve known. It’s all I care about. Saving slaves and working my way through the underground trafficking network until I find the ring that owned me as a child—and killing every last person associated with them.
At least, that was my goal until my unit was assigned to protect Blake Mason, Baltimore Businessman and the East Coast’s Most Eligible Bachelor. Falling in love with him was the last thing on my mind, but it happened.
After finding out that the human traffickers hunting him are the same ones that once owned me— I’m torn into pieces. I don’t know if I can give up the revenge I’ve waited a lifetime for in order to have a future loving a man that I don’t deserve . . . especially when loving me could be the one thing that actually gets him killed.

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My Review

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO HARD!!! Books with action and romance are my favorite, and this one was one of the best! I cannot believe that this is Courtney’s debut book!

I loved every single thing about Lily and Blake, especially how they came from such different places. Yet, they seemed to fit so perfectly together! Lily was so broken down when we met her, her past was something that was haunting, so to see her truly transformed during her time with Blake was so epic! Lily was one bad-a$$ chick and I loved how seeing just how beastly she was. This girl could take down anyone and I think that Blake truly respected and admire that. Then we have Blake who is almost the opposite. He has gone through a lot, but nothing like Lily. He is such a true alpha male in this, which makes your heart pitter patter so much for Lily!!! There is so much chemistry between these two that the sparks could be seen for miles!!!

My favorite part of a good book are the secondary characters, and the secondary characters rock so much in this book! They bring sooo much to the table. Lily’s team is absolutely hysterical, and they know her pretty well. It’s a crazy roller coaster of emotions from this team when it comes to Lily. Between Lily’s past, the present they are trying to combat and everything in the middle, there is the perfect amount of drama too. Courtney takes us on the best roller coaster with this book. from emotions, to drama and to romantics. It’s just so perfectly done. I CANNOT wait to get more from her


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