Favorite of 2019: Part One

I have read so many good books so far in 2019. This year has been full of so many amazing things with so many amazing friends and authors. I hope the rest of the year goes as well! Here’s what we’ve got so far!



The Kissing Thief by LJ Shen

41450662Wow, just wow! This book was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for and more from LJ. I’ve only read her Sinners of Saint series, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I LOVED EVERY SINGLE FREAKING MINUTE OF THIS! Was definitely a great way to start out the year.

I was so curious as to what she had meant by Kissing Thief, the blurb gave us just enough to have no clue what was going to happen LOL. I LOVED that! I honestly didn’t remember what the book was about so I was happy to see the blurb in the beginning of the book. From the moment we met Wolfe I knew there would be something about him that was important. He was trying almost too hard to not be seen. I also had hoped that Francesca and Angelo wouldn’t happen, just seemed too “perfect.”

There was the PERFECT amount of twists and turns in this book. I truly don’t think there was a moment that I “expected” to happen, and that always makes me happy. We were constantly kept on our toes and thrown bombs. The relationship between Wolfe and Francesca had a lot of those twists and bombs, it was so damn interesting! They had so many layers and there was so much bickering. Francesca was so strong, and she was really what no one had expected her to be, especially Wolfe. The fact that her character wasn’t at all what you’d think of made the story so special. Her character really stood out to me because of that. And then of course we have Wolfe and Angelo. These two both surprised me many times, and is such contrasting ways.

The added layer of Francesca’s parents, The Outfit and Sterling made this amazing plot an even better story! For me character development and involvement is everything, especially secondary characters. Every single character in this book had such a strong purpose, without overshadowing Wolfe and Francesca. It was just so well done. It really makes me anxious to go back and read all of LJ’s other work. She is truly gifted!


Score (Boston Terriers #6) by Jacob Chance

Score Jacob Chance Ecover FOR WEBI LOVED PERRI AND NOLAN!!!!!!!!! This series is so great, but I really think that Jock and Score were a step above the others. I loved how complex Perri and Nolan’s lives were. Neither of these two were any sort of typical, and both had qualities that you would least expect! Jacob is so great about throwing a curve ball at you!!!

One of my favorite parts is how this took us back to the same time frame (and a little before) as Jock. It was curious to see Perri and Nolan’s interaction, since we were so focused on Owen and Eliza before. Perri really surprised me the most, I loved the added layers of her odd job and that her dad was the Dean. Her dad made quite an impression and everyone, and that had me giggling a little bit. Then of course we have Nolan. No one ever expects a jock to be a virgin, and I think that’s one of the best elements of surprise in a book!

These two were truly meant for each other! I loved how they were really a slow burn. Instalove isn’t always what we are looking for. Although they fell quickly, I love how they drew out the onset to their relationship. There were just so many layers between these two and it made it so much better! And per my usual, I LOVE the supporting characters!! The guys on the team are SO HYSTERICAL! Between them and Nolan’s brother I was constantly laughing. I also really liked seeing the other side of Eliza, the Perri’s friend part. I just loved the whole thing!!


Jagged Ink (Montgomery Ink: Colorado Spring #1) by Carrie Ann Ryan

Jagged-Ink-eCover-v300dpi-683x1024FINALLLLLYYYYYYY. The elephant of Roxie and Carter was getting bigger and bigger as this series went on. I was so curious as to why they were falling apart, but I had my ideas from some of their interactions in previous books. Man, I was so damn sad to know that I was right!! Since this was the only married couple, yet these lease “lovey” couple, I was super curious and that curiosity just kept building.

The beginning of this book killed me!! I was SO happy that Carter was ok, but I really ached for these two because they were so lost. Not only were they lost, it was as if they’d both shut down and completely quit talking to each other. The lack of communication between these two really wanted to make my pull my hair out. I don’t know how they could live with each other and just completely ignore each other. Also they assumed they knew what each other wanted. YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU ASSUME!!! And damn did they make asses out of themselves! But, the frustration is really want drives you to keep reading. You think, surely they have to explode at some time right?

WABAM…. that explosion was amazing!!! I really loved how Carrie Ann made these two realize that they needed to talk. It was BRILLIANT!!! I’m not sure there would have been a better way to make someone realize they need to change. Speaking of that change, I adored how these two reconnected! Beginning again was just the BEST idea! Them dating again meant they were truly fighting, they were fighting to be alive again and fighting to thrive as a couple again. And these two, they hadn’t been thriving as individuals or a couple in so long. I also liked how this seemed to bring a fun side of them out. I liked seeing them reconnect and rediscover themselves since we didn’t see this first.

What I really loved the most though? Their family! These Montgomery’s are all so tight knit, and I was just waiting for them to finally drop the anvil and make these two talk again! In the best way they know how, the Montgomery’s and their friends really did a lot for Carter and Roxie. Also along those lines, I am all the more curious about Kaylee and Landon. These couples just keep getting more and more interesting! I can’t wait to keep going


From Breath and Ruin (Elements of Five #1) by

Carrie Ann Ryan

43800567Before reading this I didn’t think I was much of a fantasy fan and was a little leary about reading this. I LOVED the Dante’s Circle series, so I’m not really sure where this doubt came from. All of those doubts melted away after the first two chapters. I was instantly hooked and incredibly curious. I had to know what this was all about. What did these dreams mean and what did all of these people have to do with anything. I don’t know if was my curiosity, or if the writing was just that good, but I just HAD to go on.

One of the beautiful and amazing things about Carrie Ann’s writing is the amount of detail she uses. From the scenery to the characters themselves, she has the PERFECT amount of detail. Throughout the whole story I could truly picture everything that Lyric saw. In addition to the detail, she always use the perfect amount of emotions. I was constantly feeling something, it was almost as if I were one with Lyric. There’s just something about Carrie Ann’s writing that is so special. You almost feel as if you are in the world she’s writing about, like you’re watching a movie, not reading a book.

Now, it’s talk about these amazing characters. I ADORE Braelynn and Lyric, but I HATED Emory from the beginning. She was such a damn downer. Then we also have Rhodes and Rosamond, I knew they were special and I loved the connection they had with Lyric. I am soooo big on supporting characters, I think that Braelynn and the addition of Luken, made for such great supporting characters. We got to see just enough of them to keep it interesting, and we really got to have a special connection with them because of their connection with Lyric and Rhodes. Add to all of this these minor love stories, the mysteriousness of this new world and the battles these amazing characters are facing, it equals one hell of an amazing tale.

I’m so glad that I didn’t let me “thoughts” deter me from reading this book. I loved every single minute of it. It’s such a fantastically written story, and I really hope others enjoy it also!


Delivered (Devil’s Duet #2) by Eva Jones

169ab-delivered2bebook2bcoverYASSSSSSSSSSSS. This book was EVERYTHING! It was everything I had hoped for and SO MUCH MORE. Ok, so that may be a lot of caps, but it’s warranted!

After the end of Depraved I was left BEGGING for more. We were completely left on the edge of our seats and I couldn’t wait to have the burn soothed. (Pun 100% intended) As awful as the fire was, it was the perfect beginning for this book. It helped Gabby make JD take a few steps back, and put him a few pegs down from the pedestal he’d been on. There was so much drama and so many interesting twists. We go to learn A LOT about Georgie and we really got to see a completely different side of Gabby. During this time, we also got to see a great new side to Smith!!

In Depraved we got a really good idea of the life that JD and Gabby now live, but I really wanted to see more into their past. We knew DW was this monster of a man, but hadn’t really learned a whole lot to know why. Holy crap did we find out why!!!! The amount of crap this man shit on people was insanity. We got some major bombs dropped on us, some crazy twists and some really interesting turn-arounds in this book. DW really was kind of the center of all of that. Beyond the shit storm that was DW, it was so good to see JD and Gabby grow and evolve. JD really evolved something serious in this book, but per the usual, I was really upset at him many times for hiding crap. And of course these three kept us on this amazing emotional roller coaster. It was just SOOOO well done!!

Here we go with supporting characters again. Smith and Lally are AMAZING! This story really was made complete with them. Lally was HYSTERICAL, and I loved seeing this new side to Smith. They were really a key factor in this story and made a huge difference.

Eva, you did a SPECTACULAR job on this duet. I CANNOT wait to see what comes next and I desperately want to go back and read everything else you have now. I’m so sad I haven’t read you before now!!


Very Bad Things (Briarwood Academy #1)

by Ilsa Madden-Mills

45285383._SY475_I am notoriously bad at going back and reading work from authors that I’ve read a book or two that I’ve loved. I am desperately trying to fix that, and I started with Very Bad Things. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! This book completely consumed me in every way possible. I had started a little bit of it during some down time earlier in the week, but from 30% I sat and read without stopping. I was is consumed that I snapped at my roommate when he tried to interrupt me! I’ve gone through these phases with Ilsa where once I start a book in a series I cannot stop. That is totally what’s going to help! I read the English books years ago, I read I Bet You and I Dare You last year. FINALLY I’m getting to Briarwood Academy!

From the moment we meet her I ADORE Nora. I loved how amazingly out of character she was, and I felt so many things for her because I knew she was lost. Then when we meet Leo and Sebastian the wheels start turning a little bit. Leo is just as captivated as I am, I thought, this could be seriously interesting. Holy hell was in for a treat!!! The chemistry and sparks between Leo and Nora were BEYOND explosive. They lit the damn place on fire! Every single interaction got with them was almost as explosive. Each moment had so much meaning to it, that you treasured it. You treasured the silliest little encounter. Which, it sounds silly, but when you are consumed, it’s all consuming. I was just as consumed as Leo and Nora. I loved the love/hate aspect of all of it and the constant back and forth. It seriously kept us on our toes, or in my case, almost falling off my bed. Even more, there were layers to this crazy love battle they had going on. So many layers to who they were, what their relation ship was; it was constantly evolving.

Now, for my favorite topic, secondary characters. Sebastian and Mila were THE BEST! I loved these two so much, they were everything you want in a secondary character in a book. They were almost as explosive as Leo and Nora, because they had such an impact. I love when friends are so much more than friends, when they are the best family a person can ask for. Mila and Sebastian were truly Nora’s family and there for them in the best of ways. Of course we always have some bad secondary characters, and Nora’s mom and brother played these rolls so well. It was almost a Snow White type tale except that she was Nora’s mom, not a step-mom. These two really helped add to those layers that made up Nora too, they were part of the story that we desperately needed. They were her past and her present and they were what was going to help her evolve. And of course I can’t forget talking about Teddy. Teddy was one of my favorite characters in this book. His role may have been minor, but he was really a key part to Leo and Nora’s relationship. Almost like the center of what made them be, and what helped their relationship evolve. Teddy gave them a purpose and a reason for being.

The amount of emotions in this book were just magnificent. I need that so much from a book, and this took me to a new level of emotion. It’s a level of emotion that is almost like I didn’t know exist, like I didn’t now it was missing from my life. There are so many things that happen in this book that is it truly an emotional roller coaster. A roller coaster that I didn’t know I needed to ride and one that I never want to get off of.

I don’t know if this is going to sound like a jumbled mess, but I couldn’t wait to start writing when I got done with this book. My fingers have never moved so fast on a keyboard writing a review. Ilsa, you are a mad scientist with these words and I CANNOT WAIT to keep going with this series. This is definitely going to be one of my all time top 5 favorite reads!


Skater Boy (Patchwork House #1)

by Mary Catherine Gebhard

b21fd-skater2bboy2bebook2bcoverThis book is so super special to me, because I grew up around skate boarders. I wasn’t nearly in the scene like this group, but I’ve always had a love for it! I don’t remember seeing any female skaters, so this was especially amazing to me. Ok that being said, HOLY SHIT BALLS THIS WAS GOOD! LOL. I loved every second of this. I was super sad that I couldn’t just sit down and binge (darn work), but I read as much as a could as often as I could to finish.

Tweetie, oh Tweetie. I adored EVERYTHING about Tweetie. I loved how she was a tomboy who had some of the same inner girly thoughts/wants/needs as the rest of us. I also loved how she had this amazing crew as men that helped raise her. Tweetie may have had a very different up bringing, but it was like she had these 3 big brothers always looking out. I adored their relationship with her so much, even though they were “corrupted” youth, they didn’t want her to be caught up in that same lifestyle. They were also her biggest cheerleaders. They made sure she did all of the skate competitions and even had done some questionable things when things didn’t go as they should have. That’s such an amazing family to have, even if it isn’t a traditional family. King really took the role of “big brother” so series, and he was one of my favorite people for that. I loved that Romeo was the one that they always had to reel in, he was just hysterical! And of course we have Daniel, I loved and hated how he always called her “little girl.” He was kind of the silent and noble type of the group.

Then we add in Flip. His involvement in this book was so instrumental. From the moment we meet him and see him interact with Tweetie I was totally sucked in. It was so far out there and very taboo, but his obsession with her was all consuming! For him and me! His devotion to her was just unparalleled, and I thought it was so brave of him to stay in the shadows. His involvement in her life though was astounding. I loved that he was there for everything, even if it were hidden away. Flip and King’s interactions were also very interesting. Their constant bickering and arguments created the perfect amount of drama. These men were both very alpha about Tweetie, it was kind of adorable. They both had so much to fight for!

Overall I couldn’t have asked for more. There were soooo many twists and turns, it made the for best possible roller coaster ride of emotions. Emotions in a book are my absolute favorite and there was no shortage of those. There were some pretty deep things going on in the background of this too, from being the “corrupt” youth in the 80’s, to women trying to be equal, to not giving up to “the man”, all of it was JUST SO PERFECT! I loved all of the symbolism and hidden keys in there. Everything about this just made it such an all around amazing book. Mary Catherine did such an amazing job with her writing. I truly didn’t want to stop reading and I CANNOT wait until we get to hear about King! Romeo and Daniel definitely have me curious too. I’m going to be on my toes waiting for the next and the next!!


Widow (Reapers MC #4) by Elizabeth Knox

WidowWOWWWWWW. This story was not AT ALL what I expected, but it was 100% everything I needed. This has got to be one of my favorite books of Elizabeth’s so far! What I really loved is just how complete the story was. We truly got all of our answers about Willow and Rebel/Melody and I loved that!!!

So let’s start with Widow. I was super confused by him in the last book. I couldn’t understand why he cheated, what was up with the weird game with Amara, and we knew next to nothing about him. Everything we knew from Amara at the end of Booger had me SO DAMN CURIOUS. I was really happy to finally get the whole truth in this book. I was also super happy at how Widow treated the situation. Between that, his new “Friend” and seeing him with his daugher, I’m totally loving on Widow lol. I know he’s a bad mamajama, but I could care less hahaha

Now Melody, holy hell did she surprise me!! I LOVE the life she lives now. We had a few really interested curve balls with her and her life too. The best was the man that came into her life. This book is full of twists and turns and surprise characters. I love how that happens, and we got quite a few with Melody. She is such a badass woman and an amazing mom, from the moment she was introduced the book I adored her!

Another big part of the book was the things that were going on with the club and other MC’s. I loved the drama and the combat, it was so good!!! There were also so many things we found about about crazy family connections too. I loved how we got to find more info about Damon, his sister and Widow’s family. I cannot wait to see where she takes this!!! There are so many different directions it can go. I’m going to be waiting on my toes for the next book!!!!


Promise Me Always (Always #3) by Lindsay Becs

PMAI NEED MORE PAGES!!! This series is only of my favorite, EVER, and I couldn’t get enough. I kept hitting the button hoping that the book around never end!! When we found out about Tatum and her woe’s at the end of Always There I instantly knew I was going to LOVE her story! All we knew was that she was going to model for some sort of racing brand. We were let with SO FEW DETAILS! lolol

Tatum is sooooo bad a$$!!!! I love everything about her, from her sass, to her curves, to her bluntness, just all of it. She’s THE total package! And the fact that she just tells Benton to get out of her way? GO TATUM! I loved seeing so many sides to her. She knew when to be the family person and do everything for them, but they she knew how to be the sex kitten model too! Seeing her string Benton along was hysterical and exactly what Tatum needed to do! I also loved seeing the emotional, vulnerable side to Tatum. Lindsay is so good at conveying so many different emotions with her characters. We basically have seen Tatum grow, and I love who she’s become.

Then of course we have Benton. He was not AT ALL what I expected. From the beginning he had me cracking up with his cockiness, but it was the spark between him and Tatum that was sooo good!!! These two were FIRE together! From the moment we see them at the photo shoot together, I knew Lindsay was going to give us some good stuff! They had a really unique relationship, but at the same time, it was super fitting for the world that Benton lived in.

I also love that this book was a complete emotional rollercoaster. My favorite part about Lindsay’s writing is how emotional it is. And I don’t just mean sad, I mean you truly get every emotion. She does it so well! You don’t know whether you are reading something that is fiction or non-fiction because of how she tells it! That being said, there were some hard moments that, of course, made me cry. There were also so many moments where I was cracking up! The humor and the spunk between Tatum and Benton was so good! And we cannot forget our amazing Lucky Penny, Ollie and Travis. Seeing them again made this book that much better. I love getting to see their family interact, bring in some of the bombs that are dropped on us, and it’s that much better.

I desperately don’t want this series to end. I feel like it is something that can just keep going on. I feel like I’m now apart of this crazy family!


Retribution (Skulls Renegade MC #10)

by Elizabeth Knox

45891542._SY475_So this has to be one of my favorite books of the year from Elizabeth. It was SOOOO well written and had the absolute perfect ending. The Skulls Renegades series has been such a blast, and such an interesting ride. I think the way she finished out this book, finishing the series, was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have asked for more!

I completely forgot about Enzo and Ksenia!!!! With everything that Elizabeth had put out, I never even game them a second thought. I LOVED how we saw these two come back together. There were a million twists and turns, and nothing of what I would have expected. I LOVED the drama between Dmitri and Enzo, it added an awesome layer to the crazy that was their life. Add in secrets, finding out who Enzo’s family is, and all of the club drama? THIS WAS SO GOOD! I loved every second of this drama. It was like being on a roller coaster at Cedar Point. You never knew what twist would land you where, then loops were thrown in, and it was everything you can ask for in an MC Book. There was so much nitty gritty, secrets, lies, surprise guests. I just cannot put into words how perfect. This book had so many layers, and it seemed like it really wrapped up everything we were waiting for.

I cannot wait to see what Elizabeth has coming next!!!


The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

Friend ZoneYou can view the video review I did here!

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! From the moment I picked it up I was cracking up! The banter between Josh and Kristen. Everything about their interactions were so entertaining. I ADORED how they met, their “meet cute” as it was, and the moments right after. I was absolutely hooked when they saw each other at that fire house. I mean COMPLETELY hooked. I had to force myself to put it down to sleep, that good! Even took my kindle to work to keep reading LOLOL Definitely one of my favorites this year!

I love how Kristen and Josh weren’t your typical characters. Kristen was so darn quirky and I loved how she had some much drive. But what I loved most were how real her and Josh were. Kristen had real female issues, and it lead to some really tough topics throughout the book. Josh was the same way, he was someone in a rut, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!! It’s THE BEST! These “issues” that these two had were the perfect amount of drama for the book. It created some really good twists and turns.

There were so many parts where just completely surprised me too. I’ve been reading romance for so long, that not much takes me back, but man did some of these moments do that! Between those surprises, some if the drama and twists, and of course the banter, it was the perfect amount of everything. In addition to laughing CONSTANTLY, I had some equally sad and angry parts. These two were seriously stubborn people! There were also some tragic moments that kept this book from being too light. It was just so perfectly done! As much as I love Romcoms, they can sometimes be a little fluffy, and Abby made sure that did not happen in this book.

I simply cannot believe that this is Abby’s debut book. It was, honest to god, one of my favorite books of the year. She just went about this story in such an awesome and perfect way. I can’t wait to see what she might come up with next!!


Power Play (BTU Alumni #1) by Alley Ciz

f56e0-power2bplay2bebook2bcoverHOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER!! You would NEVER know that this is Alley’s debut book!!! I love her writing style so much! The dual POV was so great, I also loved how we got to relive some moments from the opposites characters eyes. Apart from her writing I love every bit of this plot. We had sports and the brother’s best friend, those two are my absolute favorite! I liked it so much I’m having trouble putting this into words!!

I loved Jake and Jordan sooo much! The moment these two met I saw the sparks, so I knew their relationship would be special. There were so many layers to them and their relationship, it made it so interesting. There were a million twists, turns, emotions, it was the best kind of roller coaster. These two also had a lot in common; They both had AMAZING families and both had a much younger sibling. Seeing them with Carlee and Sean was the best!! I loved the Alley had added in these two, they were so adorable and really special! As individuals Jake and Jordan were so great. I loved how strong Jordan was, especially after all that she went though. It was SO entertaining to see how she intimidated the guys too!! Seeing big, bad hockey players scared of a short blonde was HYSTERICAL!! And Jake, he was so swoony!! You really couldn’t have asked for better leads.

Now, my favorite is always the secondary characters. I ADORED That Jordan was a twin. Jase and Ryan made the relationship between Jake and Jordan so much more interesting!! Between them, Tucker, Maddy, and the rest of the bunch, there was constantly something keeping me laughing. I especially loved how they were such developed characters!

I can’t wait for more from Alley and super excited to see where she takes this series


Lacewood by Jessica James

LacewoodYou can view the video I did here!

I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this. I am not a big historical fan, but it sounded so intriguing! I LOVE old homes and I loved the idea of finding out the history of the owners. It is sooo hard for me to express in words my love for this book, but I’m going to try!

Everything about the Lacewood property had me completely hooked from the moment Katie went inside to look around. You could tell home much history there was to be told! I absolutely loved the instant connection Katie felt when she went in and I knew the story would be magnificent. Katie, herself, was super interesting to me too. We never really learned “everything” about her, but it was super nice to see someone want to step out of the spotlight and be “normal.” The task that Katie took on restoring Lacewood was HUGE. BUT, I love how she wanted to do it herself and how she really wanted to make the place shine like it used to. Insert Will, he was so damn perfect for this story! I loved how he had this extensive past, and how he was just as tied to Lacewood as Katie. There was so much mystery to him too, I liked that he wasn’t an open book. Katie had to truly work to find out who he was.

There were so many layers to this book, and I love how Jessica went about them. I loved how we got to go on this amazing journey with Katie and Will. From discovering places on the property and in the home, to finding these treasures of the history of Lacewood and its owners. Now, I’m not a person who loves historical anything, in face, I usually avoid them like the plague. This story had me so intrigued though and I couldn’t wait to see if Jessica would take us back to the civil war days and get to see things from Annie’s perspective. Never in my life have I wanted anything more!!! The whole story was just so beautifully done. We got to learn so much about the Civil War, the story of Lacewood and we got to see Katie and Josh grow in so many different ways. The story was also so emotional and touching. I loved every single second!!!


A Pizza My Heart (Slice #1) by Teagan Hunter

A Pizza My HeartHoly crap on a cracker batman!!! I think this has to be my favorite book of Teagan’s so far. That statement is NOT to be taken lightly!!! I’ve absolutely loved every book of hers, but I think this one takes the cake. One of my favorite trope’s is brother/sister’s best friend and this one is EPIC!

From the moment we see Wren reconnect with Foster, I knew this was going to be good!!!! I LOVE how Teagan re-introduced him into her life, it was super sly and super perfect. There was so much instant connection and chemistry, it made it funny to see how blind to it Wren was. I really liked how we got the Dual POV with these too, it was so perfectly done. Every moment I saw from each POV was exactly what I had wanted. I especially loved when we got inside Foster’s head. His life long crush on Wren was so darn adorable!

Drew and Winston made for the PERFECT secondary characters in this. Between Drew’s naughty mouth and Winston’s “charm” they had me hooting with laughter the whole time! Between the banter and chemistry with Wren and Foster, Drew & Winston’s interference and the pizzeria, I was so in love and constantly laughing. This was one big happy family of a crew and it made the story super special.

I think Wren and Foster are my new favorite couple of Teagan’s. I just love everything about these two. I loved how well they know each other, how Wren could basically read Foster’s mind, and how everyone around them was rooting for them. Now, I need more!! lol


When We Fall by Olivia Rose

44080820._SY475_This book was so many things. It was sweet, it was a little spicy and it was a lot of tragic. I read the first chapter of this book in a back of another of hers and I knew I had to read it.

Erin is the teen that everyone feels bad for, might have even been some of you. She was bullied so badly at her school, and for things beyond her control. I wanted so badly for her, to have SOMEONE, ANYONE, speak up for her. These horrible people took away her back bone, vertebra by vertebra, and it was so sad seeing this happen. I was so beyond excited when Mason came into the picture. He was the one person who didn’t know her, didn’t judge her, and just wanted to say Hi. We ALL need a Mason in our life, for that reason alone! BUT Mason ended up being so much more than this!

Having a person in your life who sticks up for you and makes you proud to be you, that makes a world of difference. And that was Mason. As you can tell, I’m a big Mason cheer leader LOL. He really made such a difference in this book. Between him and her bff Scottie, I was so happy to see the changes in Erin. I really loved the development of Mason’s character throughout this story. We didn’t know much about him at first, but we slowly were shown so many things about him. I loved how mysterious he was, but also how devoted to Erin and his family he was. He was the ultimate hero!

In addition to Mason and Scottie, Monica was so truly amazing. I loved how this woman made such an impact in Erin’s life. Characters like these truly make for the best books. Add in Rico, Grams and Peter, the secondary characters just rocked my world!

There are so many layers to this story and it was written sooo beautifully. Olivia gave us an insane curve ball toward the end of this book. There were so many things leading up to it, that as surprised as I was that it happened, thinking back, it makes sense. This story needed that curve ball. It was DEVASTATING, but so was so much of this story. I think this book brings such a strong message, everyone needs to read it!

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