Reviews & Ramblings: June 2019

Hello loves!!! So, for once in my life, I’m not too far behind! I’m gonna try and get my favorites part 1 up this week too! I’m excited to get to share some of these because they are soooo good!! I didn’t read nearly as much this month it’s been crazy but I had a few videos and I hope you guys enjoy!♥

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~~♥~~ Arc Reviews ~~♥~~

Power Play (BTU Alumni 1) by Alley Ciz ♥ Retribution (Skulls Renegade #10) by Elizabeth Knox  ♥ Lacewood by Jessica James (my video) ♥ Love Will Save Your Soul (Taking Chances #7) by Katrina Marie ♥ Underwater by Anna B Doe ♥ Beginning the Game (Playing the Game Prequel) by Olivia Rose & Raven Moore

~~♥~~ Personal Reads ~~♥~~

The Friend Zone by Abby Jimenez

Friend ZoneSo I was lucky enough to actually get this for an arc but didn’t have anything to post. I also did a video review for this one!

I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH! From the moment I picked it up I was cracking up! The banter between Josh and Kristen. Everything about their interactions were so entertaining. I ADORED how they met, their “meet cute” as it was, and the moments right after. I was absolutely hooked when they saw each other at that fire house. I mean COMPLETELY hooked. I had to force myself to put it down to sleep, that good! Even took my kindle to work to keep reading LOLOL Definitely one of my favorites this year!

I love how Kristen and Josh weren’t your typical characters. Kristen was so darn quirky and I loved how she had some much drive. But what I loved most were how real her and Josh were. Kristen had real female issues, and it lead to some really tough topics throughout the book. Josh was the same way, he was someone in a rut, JUST LIKE THE REST OF US!!! It’s THE BEST! These “issues” that these two had were the perfect amount of drama for the book. It created some really good twists and turns.

There were so many parts where just completely surprised me too. I’ve been reading romance for so long, that not much takes me back, but man did some of these moments do that! Between those surprises, some if the drama and twists, and of course the banter, it was the perfect amount of everything. In addition to laughing CONSTANTLY, I had some equally sad and angry parts. These two were seriously stubborn people! There were also some tragic moments that kept this book from being too light. It was just so perfectly done! As much as I love Romcoms, they can sometimes be a little fluffy, and Abby made sure that did not happen in this book.

I simply cannot believe that this is Abby’s debut book. It was, honest to god, one of my favorite books of the year. She just went about this story in such an awesome and perfect way. I can’t wait to see what she might come up with next!!


The Burden of Trust by Tabitha Young

Burden of Trust.jpgI loved the story line of this book so much! There were so many layers to Chris and Kate. I loved how each of them had a complicated past and they were devoted to their families. I especially love how they met! I got a big kick out of these two!

Kate was someone that had so much going on, between her life now and the past that she was running away from. Chris coming into her life seemed like such a big thing. He truly helped her heal and become a happier person. Her story had so many different layers, like an onion. We were constantly peeling back a piece and learning something new. Her friends were amazing sidekicks too, they really were strong secondary characters.

And Chris, holy cow did he grow in this book! Having the guts to go to Kate and asking for help was huge. He came from a very different life than her and really let fame change him. His friends were fantastic, and I really loved how much they cared for Kate. Actually, both sets of friends were so wonderful about that. These people opened their arms fully to Kate and Chris and had genuine concern for them.

There were a few formatting issues with the book, but I loved how the story was written. For a debut book I believe that Tabitha did an amazing job! There was so much interest, lots of emotion, some really good laughs and we had the perfect amounts of twists and turns. The bits of drama added in kept this “roller coaster” going so well! I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!


A Pizza My Heart (Slice #1) by Teagan Hunter

A Pizza My Heart.jpgHoly crap on a cracker batman!!! I think this has to be my favorite book of Teagan’s so far. That statement is NOT to be taken lightly!!! I’ve absolutely loved every book of hers, but I think this one takes the cake. One of my favorite trope’s is brother/sister’s best friend and this one is EPIC!

From the moment we see Wren reconnect with Foster, I knew this was going to be good!!!! I LOVE how Teagan re-introduced him into her life, it was super sly and super perfect. There was so much instant connection and chemistry, it made it funny to see how blind to it Wren was. I really liked how we got the Dual POV with these too, it was so perfectly done. Every moment I saw from each POV was exactly what I had wanted. I especially loved when we got inside Foster’s head. His life long crush on Wren was so darn adorable!

Drew and Winston made for the PERFECT secondary characters in this. Between Drew’s naughty mouth and Winston’s “charm” they had me hooting with laughter the whole time! Between the banter and chemistry with Wren and Foster, Drew & Winston’s interference and the pizzeria, I was so in love and constantly laughing. This was one big happy family of a crew and it made the story super special.

I think Wren and Foster are my new favorite couple of Teagan’s. I just love everything about these two. I loved how well they know each other, how Wren could basically read Foster’s mind, and how everyone around them was rooting for them. Now, I need more!! lol


When We Fall (Rocky Falls #1) by Olivia Rose

44080820._SY475_.jpgThis book was so many things. It was sweet, it was a little spicy and it was a lot of tragic. I read the first chapter of this book in a back of another of hers and I knew I had to read it.

Erin is the teen that everyone feels bad for, might have even been some of you. She was bullied so badly at her school, and for things beyond her control. I wanted so badly for her, to have SOMEONE, ANYONE, speak up for her. These horrible people took away her back bone, vertebra by vertebra, and it was so sad seeing this happen. I was so beyond excited when Mason came into the picture. He was the one person who didn’t know her, didn’t judge her, and just wanted to say Hi. We ALL need a Mason in our life, for that reason alone! BUT Mason ended up being so much more than this!

Having a person in your life who sticks up for you and makes you proud to be you, that makes a world of difference. And that was Mason. As you can tell, I’m a big Mason cheer leader LOL. He really made such a difference in this book. Between him and her bff Scottie, I was so happy to see the changes in Erin. I really loved the development of Mason’s character throughout this story. We didn’t know much about him at first, but we slowly were shown so many things about him. I loved how mysterious he was, but also how devoted to Erin and his family he was. He was the ultimate hero!

In addition to Mason and Scottie, Monica was so truly amazing. I loved how this woman made such an impact in Erin’s life. Characters like these truly make for the best books. Add in Rico, Grams and Peter, the secondary characters just rocked my world!

There are so many layers to this story and it was written sooo beautifully. Olivia gave us an insane curve ball toward the end of this book. There were so many things leading up to it, that as surprised as I was that it happened, thinking back, it makes sense. This story needed that curve ball. It was DEVASTATING, but so was so much of this story. I think this book brings such a strong message, everyone needs to read it!

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