Cover Reveal: The Truth about Tomorrow


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Title: The Truth About Tomorrow
Author: B. Celeste
Genre: Taboo Forbidden Romance/Age Gap

Cover Design: Letitia Hasser, RBA Designs

Release Date: August 2, 2019


Age is just
a number.
Just like
he’s just a boy and I’m just a girl.
that’s not true, is it?
fifteen may be a number, but it’s bigger than that. Bigger than us.
It’s a
number that separates us.
An excuse
that keeps us apart.
But I’m not
willing to give in until I get what I want.
After all,
how many other girls can bring a grown man to his knees with one little smile?


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/ 16
The hands gripping my waist are the wrong size. They’re too eager, too
desperate as they trail around my back and cup my butt. I don’t like them. I
even push them away. But they always come back, gripping, kneading, demanding.
He wouldn’t do this to me.
His hands are perfect.
But he’s
not here anymore.
The music
gets louder, but not enough to drown out the memories I have of him—the feel of
soft kisses trailing down my naked back, or a hand brushing through my hair, or
hushed murmurs promising me we’d be okay.
I can’t
do this.
Placing my
hands over the stranger’s, I try losing myself to the music. His groin to mine,
our hips swaying. It’s not enough though.
I need
something else. Something more.
Just one
more shot.
Just one
more pill.
We used to
promise each other one more day, because we knew it was wrong. Neither of us
could give each other up. We were addicted.
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Author Bio
B. Celeste
is the alter ego of Barbara C. Doyle.
Her obsession
with forbidden romance enabled her to pave a path into a new world of love,
sex, sin, and angst.
Her debut
novel is The Truth about Heartbreak.


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