Reviews & Ramblings: May 2019

Hello my loves!! I had no clue I missed this post lol So here I am, end of June, posting it! May was awesome and crazy, my usual. I got to meet some of the BEST people and I finally got to meet some of my FAVORITE authors and models!!! Enjoy ♥

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First we will go with the reviews I’ve done for new releases and were already on the blog in May!


Widow (Reapers MC 4) by Elizabeth Knox ♥ Boyfriend Bargain (Hawthorne University) by Ilsa Madden-Mills ♥ Bred by Ginger Scott ♥ Shouldn’t Have You (Fractured Connections #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan ♥ Dancing With The Devil (Raven’s Ruin #4) by Marie James ♥ Promise Me Always (Always #3) by Lindsay Becs ♥ Fearless King (Kinds of Rittenhouse #4) by Maya Hughes


Better Than Me (Remington Medical #2)

by Kimberly Kincaid

43443948._SY475_.jpgI really love best friend romances, I think they are the sweetest and usually the most intense! It’s always the BEST slow build, and Jonah and Natalie were no exception. These two had been best friends almost 10 years and they didn’t think twice about relationship type “stuff” until they had to live together. It was THE BEST turn of events.

The beginning of this book really set the tone that way the whole book was going to go in the best way! I loved how we get this kind of bomb dropped on the characters in the beginning and Natalie had to stay with Jonah. I loved how distraught this made Jonah and I was sooo curious to learn why. Throughout this whole book we learned so much about Natalie and Jonah and we really got to see their relationship grow in so many ways. Living with someone is completely different and we got to see just how it affects these two. Seeing their relationship really evolve was just so special! They both had a lot of personal things to work through and I loved how they did it.

Bring in these friends of theirs, everyone at the hospital was pretty close and I loved how they read Jonah and Natalie like an open book. It was super refreshing and super entertaining to see their interactions. Almost like a book version of Grey’s Anatomy. They really helped the relationship move along in this story because they truly new Jonah and Natalie.

There were some tough topics and some really good twists and turns in this book. Kimberly took us on an amazing roller coaster, both with the emotions and the surprises in the plot. I loved every minute, can’t wait to go back and read the previous book. Super curious about Connor’s book also!


Manservant (Man Cave #1) by Shari J Ryan



This book as so much fun! I was laughing from beginning to end! There was the perfect amount of comedy mixed with some great twists, turns and emotions. There wasn’t a single moment where I thought I might know what’s going on! Julia was so great too! I loved the little love triangle with Liam and Sterling, that was so funny! All of their interactions had me dying of laugher because I just couldn’t wait to see who would pull her where and what they would say. Sam and Dylan were such great additions to this story too, I think their parts were so perfect in making this such a well rounded story!




Dump and Chase (Dallas Comets #5)

by Jaymee Jacobs

45310079.jpgI am a Dallas Comets virgin, but sports is my absolutely favorite to read. When Jaymee asked if I wanted to, THERE WAS NO PASSING THIS UP! I’m soooo glad I didn’t!!! As a person who is back in the dating world this story gave me so many laughs and even a little hope LOL.

I adored Lennox in this story. She is the girl who just can’t get it right when it comes to her love life. So many of us have been there, that it is 100% relatable. I also love, as a blogger, that she blogs! I thought the blog posts were HYSTERICAL! More than anything, I loved how real Lennox was. She was your normal, typical even, young adult female. She seemed to have the perfect amount of everything that someone like Ben needed. Then we have Ben, who is the complete opposite of what you might think of when thinking of a bachelor hockey star. It was SO refreshing! These two were both so perfect because they were so down to earth. I love how he was so oblivious to online dating and really just kind of stumbled his way to meeting Lennox. I loved Lennox and Ben together so much. I loved their banter, how they truly wanted to know each other, it was such a honest way to get to know someone.

There were also some ups and downs with them, which was so great, because again, normal! I really loved seeing as much as we did about Ben’s team. They were going through so many issues, so it was really neat to see the inner workings of a team. Especially a team that is going through trouble. You always wonder what’s going on inside the heads of players and in the locker room when a team is in a rough patch. I love so much when the sport is a real part o the book, a big part of the book, and Jaymee did that so perfectly! I really loved seeing the interactions between the players too, they made for great secondary characters. Charlie was also an amazing secondary character. His role was pretty big in keeping Lennox sane and being her voice of reason.

Reading this makes me desperately want to go back and read the others!!


Troublesome Roommate by Chloe Gray

45836191._SY475_.jpgI have always said I’m not a fan of insta-love, BUT I keep contradicting myself. THEY ARE SO ADDICTING!!! Now, Audrey and Kevin weren’t exactly insta-love, but it sure was insta-LUST! These two had the best sparks from day one!

I really loved Audrey’s character. She’s trying to be an adult, get a good job, pay off loans, all of the things none of us want to do. I also loved how she wasn’t perfect. Audrey had a pretty major flaw in this book and it wasn’t a pretty one. But, that helped her be so real and relatable! So knowing all of this, and seeing her instant reaction to Kevin, it was hysterical! Between her nickname for him and having to work for him, this could have easily been the series of unfortunate events! BUT Audrey was so strong, and wasn’t going to let an attraction getting in the way of her making money and living that adult life. Major kudos to her, because NO WAY could I have worked in that situation.

Then we have Kevin. At first I thought he was a total dick, but of course, he wasn’t. I really loved the little things he did for Audrey. THEY WERE ADORABLE! Really, he was adorable. His reaction to Zane was hysterical too. There were so many misunderstandings between everyone, it made for some really entertaining parts. Above the entertaining, his doting on Audrey was my favorite!

I LOVE secondary characters, and man did she hit the nail on the head with Sam and Zane! They gave this story so much! Between the juicy details these two wanted, and gave, and the banter, they were so perfect. They added the perfect amount of interest to this story.

For being a newish author, Chloe did such an amazing job! I really loved this book from beginning to end. There were so many things that kept the wheels moving, she had the perfect amount of emotions, she had some really stupid moments for the characters, and she had such real scenarios. I loved alllll of those things! It really made for a well rounded story. I love when a story has many layers and many emotions, it just makes it so complete. Kudos Chloe, it was amazing!


The Last Precinct (Kay Scarpetta #11)

by Patricia Cornwell

320167.jpg(I’ve been reading these so much that I’m having issues reviewing lol There’s a different crime per book, but a lot of the same thing. Took me so long to read this one I couldn’t do a good one!

Hallelujah, I finished! I had to stop reading so many times while reading this book. It is BY FAR my favorite book yet!!! There were SO many twists and turns, plus you really got to see the inner workings of the system. Having Jamie Berger there and seeing things from a prosecutor stand point was so interesting!!!

I think we got to see a really great side of Lucy in this book and even got some Benton in there. I really can’t wait to see what happens next!


~~♥~~ Audio Review ~~♥~~

Challenge (Harris Brothers #1) by Amy Daws

30266228._SY475_.jpgHOLY CRAP THIS AUDIO WAS SO AMAZINGGGGG! I loved how the POV was in a duet style. I don’t mind when characters do the voices of the other gender, but I ADORED how this one really had them talking as themselves. It made a huge difference in the audio!

Ok so Camden and Indie were EPIC! I loved how Indie was trying to spread her wings and broaden her horizons. I especially loved their concept of tequilla sunrise! I really think at a certain age, that’s the perfect way to love. That being said I think Camden was the perfect cure for everything Indie needed. They had so much spark, it was sooo intense! Sparks flew all over in this book. Their banter was also hysterical. Between the Cam trying to get a rise out of Indie and the unexpected words coming from Indie I was constantly laughing!

There were so many layers to this story too, which is great with a romcom. Sports are also my fav, so this had a trifecta of awesomeness. British Accent, CHECK, Sports, CHECK, Whitty Banter, TRIPLE CHECK. ALL OF IT! I can’t say enough about this book. It basically left me begging for more

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