Release Day: Love Will Save Your Soul

Happy Thursday loves!!!!!! This book was SO GOOD! I LOVE Katrina soooo much and I hope you guys will check this one out ♥

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Title: Love Will Save Your Soul
Series: A Taking Chances Novel
Author: Katrina Marie
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release Date: June 20, 2019
She never saw him coming. 
After walking away from an abusive relationship, Sophia was determined to create a new, better, life for herself. Swearing off guys seemed like an easy task, until she started working at Life in Ink…
Adrian is done with relationships. When his fiance left him for the “picture perfect” life, he decided then and there, he wasn’t going to give his heart to another woman. That is, until the tattoo shop he works at hires a receptionist. 
Sophia and Adrian can’t deny the chemistry between them. But when a threat from Sophia’s past comes knocking on her door, everything begins falling apart.

Can two people push through their insecurities and let love save them from themselves?




“….the perfect addition to Taking Chances series and I couldn’t have asked for more from these characters!” – AC Squared Book Blog
“This story had some drama, it was sweet, it was hot, and it had it’s funny moments.” – Amy [Book Addict Reviews]
“Her stories are not about the sex but the passion, strength, resolve and depth which makes for good reading. Loved it” – Teri (Goodreads)



I am so excited to finally see Aidan and Sophia together! I loved seeing bits and pieces of them before, I was super curious as to when they’d get their turn. I especially loved these two because they took their time. They waited a while before finally giving in and giving each other a shot! For both of them, they really needed to find themselves again before they went looking for love. 

I love Sophia so much! I think she is so super strong for what she did and I absolutely adore her family! She instantly clicked with the Life in Ink team too. I love how she really helped round out this team, especially with Corey. We get to see a little bit more of him and this and we can totally see his soft spot. And then we have Aidan, their pasts are very different, but I liked how they were looking for the same thing. He was full of surprises during this book and I just loved how excited he was about being with Sophia. He was almost dorky about it! It was all just super cute.
And of course we got thrown for a little loop Sophia’s past and her overprotective family. It made for the perfect amount of interest for this story. I love when there is something like this thrown in, because it kind of knocks the “perfectness” from the story. No one wants a perfectly, perfect story, and this created the drama that it needed! Seeing the protective side of Sophia’s parents and Jay was so endearing. Especially when they involved Aidan! Seeing him be the protective boyfriend was HOT and super adorable.
Thank you Katrina for this book! I think that it is the perfect addition to Taking Chances series and I couldn’t have asked for more from these characters!
Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life.



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