Release Day: Lacewood

Hello loves!!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH. So much, that I actually did a video it even after just posting one lolol. Make sure to check out the book ♥

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A love story that spans centuries…

Two people trying to escape their pasts find a connection through an old house—and fulfill a destiny through the secrets it shares. Part love story, part ghost story, Lacewood is a timeless novel about trusting in fate, letting of the past, and believing in things that can’t be seen. 

MOVING TO A SMALL TOWN in Virginia is a big change for New York socialite Katie McCain. But when she stumbles across an abandoned 200-year-old mansion, she’s enthralled by the enduring beauty of the neglected estate—and captivated by the haunting portrait of a woman in mourning.

 Purchasing the property on a whim, Katie attempts to fit in with the colorful characters in the town of New Hope, while trying to unravel the mystery of the “widow of Lacewood.” As she pieces together the previous owner’s heartrending story, Katie uncovers secrets the house has held for centuries, and discovers the key to coming to terms with her own sense of loss.

 The past and present converge when hometown hero Will Durham returns and begins his own healing process by helping the “city girl” restore the place that holds so many memories. As the mystic web of destiny is woven, a love story that might have been lost forever is exposed, and a destiny that has been waiting in the shadows for centuries is fulfilled.

 A powerful and poignant tale that vividly conveys the heartache of war, the tragedy of loss, and the fulfillment of destiny…even when souls are separated by centuries. Lacewood takes readers on a journey that connects the past with the present—and the present with eternity.


My video review


best book of 2019

I had no idea what to expect when I started reading this. I am not a big historical fan, but it sounded so intriguing! I LOVE old homes and I loved the idea of finding out the history of the owners. It is sooo hard for me to express in words my love for this book, but I’m going to try!

Everything about the Lacewood property had me completely hooked from the moment Katie went inside to look around. You could tell home much history there was to be told! I absolutely loved the instant connection Katie felt when she went in and I knew the story would be magnificent. Katie, herself, was super interesting to me too. We never really learned “everything” about her, but it was super nice to see someone want to step out of the spotlight and be “normal.” The task that Katie took on restoring Lacewood was HUGE. BUT, I love how she wanted to do it herself and how she really wanted to make the place shine like it used to. Insert Will, he was so damn perfect for this story! I loved how he had this extensive past, and how he was just as tied to Lacewood as Katie. There was so much mystery to him too, I liked that he wasn’t an open book. Katie had to truly work to find out who he was.

There were so many layers to this book, and I love how Jessica went about them. I loved how we got to go on this amazing journey with Katie and Will. From discovering places on the property and in the home, to finding these treasures of the history of Lacewood and its owners. Now, I’m not a person who loves historical anything, in face, I usually avoid them like the plague. This story had me so intrigued though and I couldn’t wait to see if Jessica would take us back to the civil war days and get to see things from Annie’s perspective. Never in my life have I wanted anything more!!! The whole story was just so beautifully done. We got to learn so much about the Civil War, the story of Lacewood and we got to see Katie and Josh grow in so many different ways. The story was also so emotional and touching. I loved every single second!!!

About Jessica

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 9.22.46 PM.png

Jessica James is an award-winning author of suspense, historical fiction, Christian fiction, and military fiction ranging from the Revolutionary War to modern day.

She is a three-time winner of the John Esten Cooke Award for Southern Fiction, and was featured in the book 50 Authors You Should Be Reading, published in 2010.

Her novels appeal to both men and women and are featured in library collections all over the United States including Harvard and the U.S. Naval Academy. By weaving the principles of courage, devotion, duty, and dedication into each book, she attempts to honor the unsung heroes of the American military—past and present—and to convey the magnitude of their sacrifice and service.

James resides in Gettysburg, Pa., and is a member of the Military Writers Society of America, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and the Romance Writers of America. She is also a member of the American Legion Post 202, Gettysburg.

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