Reviews & Ramblings: April 2019

Hello my loves! So I realized the other day that it’s already on it’s way to the end of May and I haven’t posted my April reads. It’s been a super busy year, I cannot ask for more! I’ve been so blessed and you guys help so much! As far as summer goes I’ll be crazy busy, so there may be less reading! I’m moving at the end of July, so July will be super limited

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Very Bad Things ( Briarwood Academy Book 1) by [Madden-Mills, Ilsa]Very Bad Things (Briarwood Academy 1) by Ilsa Madden-Mills

I am notoriously bad at going back and reading work from authors that I’ve read a book or two that I’ve loved. I am desperately trying to fix that, and I started with Very Bad Things. HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! This book completely consumed me in every way possible. I had started a little bit of it during some down time earlier in the week, but from 30% I sat and read without stopping. I was is consumed that I snapped at my roommate when he tried to interrupt me! I’ve gone through these phases with Ilsa where once I start a book in a series I cannot stop. That is totally what’s going to help! I read the English books years ago, I read I Bet You and I Dare You last year. FINALLY I’m getting to Briarwood Academy!

From the moment we meet her I ADORE Nora. I loved how amazingly out of character she was, and I felt so many things for her because I knew she was lost. Then when we meet Leo and Sebastian the wheels start turning a little bit. Leo is just as captivated as I am, I thought, this could be seriously interesting. Holy hell was in for a treat!!! The chemistry and sparks between Leo and Nora were BEYOND explosive. They lit the damn place on fire! Every single interaction got with them was almost as explosive. Each moment had so much meaning to it, that you treasured it. You treasured the silliest little encounter. Which, it sounds silly, but when you are consumed, it’s all consuming. I was just as consumed as Leo and Nora. I loved the love/hate aspect of all of it and the constant back and forth. It seriously kept us on our toes, or in my case, almost falling off my bed. Even more, there were layers to this crazy love battle they had going on. So many layers to who they were, what their relation ship was; it was constantly evolving.

Now, for my favorite topic, secondary characters. Sebastian and Mila were THE BEST! I loved these two so much, they were everything you want in a secondary character in a book. They were almost as explosive as Leo and Nora, because they had such an impact. I love when friends are so much more than friends, when they are the best family a person can ask for. Mila and Sebastian were truly Nora’s family and there for them in the best of ways. Of course we always have some bad secondary characters, and Nora’s mom and brother played these rolls so well. It was almost a Snow White type tale except that she was Nora’s mom, not a step-mom. These two really helped add to those layers that made up Nora too, they were part of the story that we desperately needed. They were her past and her present and they were what was going to help her evolve. And of course I can’t forget talking about Teddy. Teddy was one of my favorite characters in this book. His role may have been minor, but he was really a key part to Leo and Nora’s relationship. Almost like the center of what made them be, and what helped their relationship evolve. Teddy gave them a purpose and a reason for being.

The amount of emotions in this book were just magnificent. I need that so much from a book, and this took me to a new level of emotion. It’s a level of emotion that is almost like I didn’t know exist, like I didn’t now it was missing from my life. There are so many things that happen in this book that is it truly an emotional roller coaster. A roller coaster that I didn’t know I needed to ride and one that I never want to get off of.

I don’t know if this is going to sound like a jumbled mess, but I couldn’t wait to start writing when I got done with this book. My fingers have never moved so fast on a keyboard writing a review. Ilsa, you are a mad scientist with these words and I CANNOT WAIT to keep going with this series. This is definitely going to be one of my all time top 5 favorite reads!


a81f4-tussle2bebook2bcoverTussle (World Class Wrestling #1)

by Jacob Chance

I loved this book so hard!!! As a kid I watched wrestling religiously, so I was SUPER excited to read these books! This book was so much fun and so hot! It also featured the longest slow burn known to man LOL

I LOVED how Jesse and Lilah met and how Lilah tried SO HARD to resist him! I mean three years is quite a long time to keep a man waiting. At the same time, three years is a long time to keep pining after the same woman. That whole scenario had me cracking up more than once. I loved their banter and how he was so relentless. I also thought it was hysterical how much it truly affected her. I mean three years of a man asking you out, I can’t believe she held on so long! When they started their project I was so excited for them because I couldn’t wait to see how this burn grew. And damn did it grow!

The constant banter and flirting between these two during their projects together were so good! I thought the dad’s roll in all of this was even funnier. Although he admitted no intentions, I swear he was playing match maker. And we can’t forget about Wyatt, Ronnie and Carly. These three didn’t make anything easier on Jessie and Lilah and that made it so much funnier! I was constantly laughing at them giving those two shit about not being together.

This book had so much detail and the perfect amount of emotions, especially laughter! This was such a unique book, using the world of wrestling, that it made it that much more enjoyable to read! CAN’T WAIT for Wyatt and Ronnie!


44074839.jpgRumble (World Class Wrestling #2)

by Jacob Chance

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved seeing the banter between Ronnie and Wyatt in Tussle. All of those stolen glances and total denial, this made it all worth it!

I loved how much we got to see Ronnie in Tussle, I felt like we were really starting to get to know her. We didn’t know too much about Wyatt though, and I loved how we got to see so many different sides of him in this book. These two had completely different pasts, but definitely seemed to have the same motivation and I loved that. I absolutely loved how Ronnie had done so much with her life, how she strives to be the absolute best. I loved even more how it was finally Wyatt’s time to shine and how she helped so much! Their “Gunn show” was so awesome, seeing this side of them was really great.

Now, for their romance, I was super pumped when the “game” they were supposed to play came about. These two needed every single shove they could to finally be a couple. These two really went all-in when the finally decided to just let it be. They also had their slow burn, this one only two years, and I think that made everything so much sweeter. These two were lots of fun and I loved every minute!


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