Release Day: Jake the Growling Dog

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Jake the Growling Dog

Written by Samantha Shannon & Illustrated by Kerrie Joyce

JakeEbookCover.jpgJake growls at everything, all day.

He’s not mean. 

So, why does everyone run away?

Follow Jake, a sweet, kind, and misunderstood dog as he tries to make friends despite his differences.

Meet critters of all kinds while getting to know Jake. Jake loves to swim, hike, and play, but when he realizes he’s lonely a true friend comes to his aid. Soon others find friendship and understanding filling this tale with heart and hope.

A book about Diversity & Friendship

Jake the Growling Dog is fun-loving tale about kindness, acceptance, friendship, and diversity. Author and licensed school counselor, Samantha Shannon, and Illustrator and art educator, Kerrie Joyce, spotlight Jake, who is different the other dogs and critters. With a little help and understanding, the others learn to love Jake despite his differences. This timely story is packed with tons of fun, while also educating our little ones about friendship and how to be kind to others.


Includes a loving kindness and mindfulness activity for families, counselors, and schools

Along with Jake’s story, this picture book also includes a loving-kindness activity to promote character education, mindfulness, and gratitude. The activity is for families, schools, and counselors to reduce stress and bring families closer together while encouraging acts of kindness, forgiveness, and gratitude.

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About the Author

altSamantha Shannon is a published author under the pseudonym, Parker Sinclair. Jake the Growling Dog is her eighth book and her first children’s picture book. Working as a licensed school counselor for thirteen years, Mrs. Shannon found a passion for character education and building social skills. Focusing on children growth and development beyond academics, Mrs. Shannon’s Jake the Growling Dog collection compliments her goals of helping young students learn about the importance of being kind and empathic, of being a good friend, and to see the beauty in differences.

Since 2007, Mrs. Shannon has called Virginia Beach home where she is a full-time writer and a licensed professional school counselor.


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