Release Day: Dancing with the Devil

Happy Friday!! I LOVE this series sooo much. I couldn’t wait for TJ’s story and it did NOT  disappoint!!! Make sure to check them out!

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Title: Dancing with the Devil
Author: Marie James
US | UK | CA | AU
Series: A Ravens Ruin MC; Book 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense
I though leaving her in that room covered in her attacker’s blood would teach her a lesson.
I thought she’d be more careful about her safety.
Little did I know that she’s seeking pain and humiliation.
Well, it’s her lucky day because pain is sort of my thing.
I can hurt her much more than she’s able to hurt herself.

The twist is we’ll both enjoy every second of it.


I am not someone who ready dark and nitty gritty, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with TJ. But holy mother of God did I love this book! It was the perfect amount of sweet, scary and hot!

I loved TJ in the other books, he was so interesting to me. Mostly because he was the craziest bad boy in the group, and I needed more. I did NOT expect what we found out about him and Kaci. From the beginning of their interactions he had me dying to know why he kept doing what he did. Then when they were together I was loving EVERY SINGLE SECOND! Kaci had a really messed up past and so did TJ, so I loved that these two broken people got together. The pain and suffering that she was dealing with was just so much, and although he didn’t help heal her, I loved how he helped her feel normal. Really they made each other feel normal.

My favorite part about this series is how in depth Marie gets. We get super deep into the characters and into the club itself. There is just so much more to them than being a MC group. Between the depth and the emotions you are on this insane roller coaster of twists and turns. You have no clue what’s going to happen next and sometime you don’t fully understand what happened until the next moment happens.





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