Excerpt Reveal: Cliffside Bay Christmas

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
Keep reading for an excerpt from Cliffside Bay Christmas by USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson!

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The presents are wrapped. The stockings are hung. And two precious miracles are preparing to make their debuts.

The most wonderful time of the year becomes even more joyous for Zane and Honor when their surrogate, Sophie, gifts them with an extra special delivery. And Brody and Kara’s dreams come true when their son arrives just in time for Christmas.

Return to your favorite small town and visit the whole gang, including Minnie the cat, in this heartwarming holiday novella from USA Today bestselling author Tess Thompson!


The moment the plane landed, Brody turned on his phone. Seconds later, two texts popped up. One from Kara, the other from Zane.

Honey, contractions coming regularly. Zane drove me to the hospital. Jackson is meeting us there.

Zane’s had come in about thirty minutes later.

With Kara. They have her in a room and are monitoring her. Nothing’s happening too fast, so don’t worry. Call me when you land.

His hands trembled. He could barely dial the phone.

“Oh, crap,” Honor said from the seat next to him as she stared at her phone. “Zane texted. Kara’s in labor.”

“I know. I’m calling Zane right now.”

Zane answered almost immediately, sounding breathless. “Hey Brody,” Zane said.

“Is she…did the…have I missed it?”

“No, man, she’s only about six inches dilated. Things are going slow. Jackson says epidurals slow things down. You still have time. But listen, have Honor drive.”

“Yeah, okay. Tell Kara I’m coming.”

“I will.”

He hung up and looked over at Honor. “If I miss this, I’m never going to forgive myself.”

“No way you’re missing this. I’ll drive,” Honor said.

“Zane requested that,” Brody said.

Twenty minutes later, with Honor in the driver’s seat, they exited the airport and headed toward the freeway. As usual, Honor was cool. Conversely, he thought he might have a heart attack.

“Breathe,” Honor said. “Like you learned in birth class.”

“That was for her, not me.”

“We’re going to get there in time,” Honor said. “Don’t worry.”

Brody nodded. “Yeah. I can’t miss this. Not this. Kara will never forgive me.”

“She understands how important this trip was,” Honor said. “And we’re going to make it anyway.”

Honor’s phone buzzed. “Can you look?”

Brody picked it up and looked at the text. “It’s from Sophie to you and Zane. Her water broke.”

“Holy crap. Can we ever just have one baby at a time in this group?” Honor asked.

“Apparently not.”

About Tess

Tess Thompson is a USA Today bestselling author of small-town romance and historical fiction, with nearly 20 titles across multiple series that focus on heartwarming journeys of triumph and humanity for colorful characters you’d love to be friends with in real life.

Tess holds a degree in theater from the University of Southern California (go Trojans!), and can be found most days at her desk in suburban Seattle, where she also makes her home with the hero of her own love story and their blended family of two sons, two daughters, and five cats.

Tess loves music, dancing, books, bubble baths, cooking, wine, movies, snuggling, Seahawks football, and hearing from her readers. Drop her a line at tess@tthompsonwrites.com.

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