Reviews & Ramblings: March 2019

Hello my loves and Happy Saturday!!! I have had a hell of a past few weeks. It’s been filled with amazing book friends and no voice LOLOL. I put up the other day photos from Apollycon. THE EVENT WAS AMAZING!!! I had a case of Laryngitis when I got back from Apollycon that turned into a cold. My voice is still not 100%. In fact, you’ll get to witness it when my Meet Cute video review goes up Tuesday! It’s a little on the froggy side and has brought me lots of laughs and coughs. How has everyone been??? I feel like it’s been forever since I chatted. I need to really start taking time to chit chat with you guys! Make sure to join my group, because I’m there the most! I also have an amazing signed paperback and swag giveaway going on here! So enough about chit chat, I’m going to share with you guys my pretties (I put up all of my new books) and then get to my reviews!! I know I have been not showing you all of the books I’ve posted in releases recently, but I didn’t read much outside of ARCS this time around and they are too good to not share again!

♥ARC Reads ♥

~~ ♥ ~~

Reclusive (Skulls Renegade #10) by Elizabeth Knox

ReclusiveThere are so many things to say about this book. I’ve loved the thought of Trick and Angel as soon as we saw them in Reckless. I had loved that he laid claim to her without knowing her, the whole caveman aspect of his need for her was so unique that I adored it! Sounds weird, I know, but I loved it!!!

Seeing Trick take care of Angel and not care what BS she gave him was adorable. I love seeing a big man fall for someone, there’s just a sweetness about it that you don’t expect. The sweetness between Trick and Angel was just so much. Almost too much for Angel, which I thought was hysterical. He didn’t want to step bounds and she didn’t know how to tell him what she wanted. He really helped bring her out of her shell and bring her back from the horrible, drug infected, place she had been in. It’s just so admirable!

We really got to see Angel start to shine in this book too. I love how she fell into place with the help of Elena and Enzo. She found her place in the house, found some work, and really put her all into both things. Seeing her vulnerable was something I didn’t expect, and I liked seeing that side of her. I also love how Trick poured his heart out to her to show her that she shouldn’t feel vulnerable. That she needs to feel proud of herself and to not let others get her down. Then we have the struggle between her and Jenna, it has me super confused, I need more there. There was also so much between her and Chaos. I was super happy to see them reconnect in this book, even if it took him being a complete ass and being in a horrible situation.

There was a lot of love there for Trick and Angel. I’m super curious to see where this goes, that ending was something that definitely left you begging for more!

~~ ♥ ~~

Surprise, Baby! by Lex Martin and Leslie McAdam

Surprise-Baby_Ebook.v3_Amazon-683x1024.jpgYOU GUYS!!!!!!!!! After reading All About The D, I COULD NOT WAIT for Drew! In AATD I hated Drew, mostly because he was a stupid drunk bastard of a friend. When starting a new book though, you gotta keep an open mind. Man, am I glad I did! Now I can’t decided if I like Josh or Drew better!!!! Well, I mean, they are totally different, so I guess I can love them equally right?

I really had hoped that something would come of Kendall and Drew, I even secretly wished we would witness her kicking him in the balls. Sorry, not sorry! LOLOL. From the moment of their first encounter in this book, I new it was gonna be a good one. Lex and Leslie were FOR SURE going to take us for an interesting ride. I was really excited to see that Kendall was just as quirky as drew. In fact she was WAY funnier than I had ever imagined. She seemed pretty serious, and we only got glimpses of her here and there in AATD. This teaches you good, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! Drew and Kendall were both anything but what might have been expected!!

Banter, oh em gee the banter!! Between Kendall and Drew, but also between these two and everything they came across, the banter was FANTASTIC! There was a moment With Kendall and Evie that I DIED LAUGHING. I immediately posted on Facebook that Lex and Leslie had broken me. That’s how much I was in hysterics! Some of these one-liners were just too good for words! Then from banter we get to sexy times, and holy crap were there some sexy times. I loved how these two got together, it was perfectly genius. The love-to-hate was just so perfect. I especially loved how Drew and Kendall surprised each other.

Now let’s talk about the changes, because holy crap did Drew change!! Learning how much Drew had changed, and then also hearing all of the crap he shit on everyone before his little overhaul, MIND-BLOWING. I feel like I was just as mind-blown as Kendall. I mean he practically became a Saint LOL. The steps toward maturity that he took were pretty amazing. Speaking of amazing, I CAN’T LEAVE OUT BEE!!! She is the most precious and HYSTERICAL character in this book. I loved seeing Drew with his grandma, it was so damn adorable! There were many of those moments, adorable. From seeing him with bee to seeing him with a pregnant Kendall, these ovaries were weeping!

I am always really big on supporting characters and I really don’t think this book would be the same without them. Just how Drew and Kendall were in AATD, Josh and Evie were great. I also loved the addition of Tristan. He was the perfect secondary character, because he added an entire new layer to this book. Between him, his interactions with Kendall, his interactions with Drew, they were all fantastic. In fact, I really hope he gets his own story, because he totally deserves one!

If you’ve made it through my babble until now, you totally deserve an award. But Lex and Leslie really deserve an award! This book had the perfect amount of everything that a RomCom needs. It was ABSOLUTELY HYSTERICAL, but also had enough other emotions to make it more than just a funny book. It was pretty damn perfect ladies!

~~ ♥ ~~

Kindred Soul (Otherworld #2) by Brynn Burke

40900096.jpgHOLY SHITTTTT. I deeply needed this book. The ending of Twin Flame left me begging for more, and more importantly, left me with a TON of questions! I am sooo happy to say that all of your questions get answered in this book. HALLELUJAH!

I’ve been deeply craving some paranormal writing, and with Kindred Soul we get all forms of creatures. IT’S SO EPIC! We learn so much in the book about who everyone is, especially Oksana and Hadley. There’s just so much that I don’t even know where to begin! I was really happy to learn more about Oksana and Wyatt, and even more happy to find out what Killian’s purpose was. At this point though, I feel awful for Elliot because I’m not sure what his purpose is in this story. It almost feels like he’s being left out, and that make me hurt for him.

We definitely have some interesting additions with everything we find out and Lynx entering the picture. Of course, we can’t be left without more questions too! The endings of these books have bene pretty explosive. I absolutely LOVED how much action was in this book! For me, I really love when a paranormal book has some action to it, it like takes it to a new level. This book was definitely taken to a new level wit hall of the crap that Archer has thrown their way and I CANNOT wait to see what comes next!!

~~ ♥ ~~

From Breath and Ruin (Elements of Five #1)

by Carrie Ann Ryan

43800567Before reading this I didn’t think I was much of a fantasy fan and was a little leary about reading this. I LOVED the Dante’s Circle series, so I’m not really sure where this doubt came from. All of those doubts melted away after the first two chapters. I was instantly hooked and incredibly curious. I had to know what this was all about. What did these dreams mean and what did all of these people have to do with anything. I don’t know if was my curiosity, or if the writing was just that good, but I just HAD to go on.

One of the beautiful and amazing things about Carrie Ann’s writing is the amount of detail she uses. From the scenery to the characters themselves, she has the PERFECT amount of detail. Throughout the whole story I could truly picture everything that Lyric saw. In addition to the detail, she always use the perfect amount of emotions. I was constantly feeling something, it was almost as if I were one with Lyric. There’s just something about Carrie Ann’s writing that is so special. You almost feel as if you are in the world she’s writing about, like you’re watching a movie, not reading a book.

Now, it’s talk about these amazing characters. I ADORE Braelynn and Lyric, but I HATED Emory from the beginning. She was such a damn downer. Then we also have Rhodes and Rosamond, I knew they were special and I loved the connection they had with Lyric. I am soooo big on supporting characters, I think that Braelynn and the addition of Luken, made for such great supporting characters. We got to see just enough of them to keep it interesting, and we really got to have a special connection with them because of their connection with Lyric and Rhodes. Add to all of this these minor love stories, the mysteriousness of this new world and the battles these amazing characters are facing, it equals one hell of an amazing tale.

I’m so glad that I didn’t let me “thoughts” deter me from reading this book. I loved every single minute of it. It’s such a fantastically written story, and I really hope others enjoy it also!

~~ ♥ ~~

Delivered (The Devil’s Duet #2) by Eva Charles

169ab-delivered2bebook2bcoverYASSSSSSSSSSSS. This book was EVERYTHING! It was everything I had hoped for and SO MUCH MORE. Ok, so that may be a lot of caps, but it’s warranted!

After the end of Depraved I was left BEGGING for more. We were completely left on the edge of our seats and I couldn’t wait to have the burn soothed. (Pun 100% intended) As awful as the fire was, it was the perfect beginning for this book. It helped Gabby make JD take a few steps back, and put him a few pegs down from the pedestal he’d been on. There was so much drama and so many interesting twists. We go to learn A LOT about Georgie and we really got to see a completely different side of Gabby. During this time, we also got to see a great new side to Smith!!

In Depraved we got a really good idea of the life that JD and Gabby now live, but I really wanted to see more into their past. We knew DW was this monster of a man, but hadn’t really learned a whole lot to know why. Holy crap did we find out why!!!! The amount of crap this man shit on people was insanity. We got some major bombs dropped on us, some crazy twists and some really interesting turn-arounds in this book. DW really was kind of the center of all of that. Beyond the shit storm that was DW, it was so good to see JD and Gabby grow and evolve. JD really evolved something serious in this book, but per the usual, I was really upset at him many times for hiding crap. And of course these three kept us on this amazing emotional roller coaster. It was just SOOOO well done!!

Here we go with supporting characters again. Smith and Lally are AMAZING! This story really was made complete with them. Lally was HYSTERICAL, and I loved seeing this new side to Smith. They were really a key factor in this story and made a huge difference.

Eva, you did a SPECTACULAR job on this duet. I CANNOT wait to see what comes next and I desperately want to go back and read everything else you have now. I’m so sad I haven’t read you before now!!

~~ ♥ ~~

42035138.jpgInked by Numbers (Montgomery Ink Colorado #3.5) by Carrie Ann Ryan

I ADORE these novellas!!! We constantly saw glimpses of Kaylee and Landon, and always heard about their elusive coupling. I was Sooo excited to finally get their story! I loved how they slowly fell into this relationship, even if they didn’t realize that’s what they were doing. They became such good fiends and that makes for the best relationship.

I also loved the amount of depth we got into their lives. We got just enough about what makes Landon and Kaylee tick. It was the perfect amount of everything for this novella!

~~ ♥ ~~

Hook Shot (Hoops #3) by Kennedy Ryan

39148413.jpgSWEET BABY JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This book was even more than I had ever hoped it would be! Kennedy is such a genius when it comes to words. There’s just no one word to describe how amazing her writing is; it is magnificent, life-changing, inspirational, hell, it’s almost religious. I was so sad that I had to read this book all chopped up, I felt like this is a book that I needed to read on a beautiful sunny and lazy day. I want to re-read this book this summer when I can just sit and let the sun and words soak in.

Back to the masterpiece at hand. Seeing the build up between Lotus and Kenan in the previous books was such a sight to see. We knew there was something lurking around those corners and we knew it was going to be explosive. I had no idea that these two would be like rays of sun. You just get pulled in and you never want to leave it! The amount of power that Kenan and Lotus had between them was so powerful, that they couldn’t have stayed away if they tried. When Lotus tried to stay away, it was pretty laughable. I also loved how determined Kenan was to win over Lotus, he stepped way out of his comfort zone for him. Really, I think they both did. One might think that they each gave up a little bit of themselves to be with each other, but it’s more like they transformed into something even greater. The bond between them was so hot too! That is another one of the beautiful things about Kennedy’s writing, it’s such an art that you don’t shy away from anything. The love making between Kenan and Lotus was just as artful as the rest of the book. It took them to such a beautiful place. You also have these added touches of their past and the little touches of voodoo, it’s all just magical and thought provoking. You are really transformed to another place and taken on this amazing ride.

Now, one of the big things in writing for me are the secondary characters. I truly loved the editions of Billie, Yari, Chase, JP, Simone and Bridget! They created the perfect amount of drama and insight to the story. Speaking of drama, I loved how much of it there was! Of course, it was tastefully done, but it was just the perfect amount. We got a few good runs down the rollercoaster with them too! The amount of emotions that all of these characters evoked was enormous. Each one of these secondary characters was so significant and emotion provoking, that it was really just next level!

I don’t really know how much more I can say about this book without giving too much away. Everything Kennedy does is amazing. Every time I think I finally have a favorite, the next book makes me think the same thing. The way she writes is just so beautiful and inspiring. She has the best female characters too! Each one of her women make you want to be a better woman. And every one of these kind and understanding man makes you want the same. You truly feel like you are in their world and living their lives when you read her work. You really can’t ask for more. If it were possible this book would get a 10!

~~ ♥ ~~

♥Personal Reads ♥

Mr. Spencer by TL Swan

52b4b-mr.2bspencer2bebook2bcoverHoly crap this was a good one! I loved EVERYTHING about Spencer and Charlotte! They were WORLDS different, but that made them so much more perfect. It was almost as if they were exactly what each other needed. Spencer needed someone who was inexperienced and could go toe-to-toe with him. Charlotte needed a man slut who know what they were doing and someone who would stand up for her.

Spencer being a man whore was HYSTERICAL. I loved how everyone told him that there was NO WAY Charlotte would happen. Of course, that always drives men to try, and oh boy did he! He was so darn persistent and Charlotte was really good at saying now. I loved their cat and mouse game. It was so sexy and at the same time, absolutely hysterical. These two couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

Spencer’s friends Sebastian, Julian and Bree made it even better! These three were just such an important part of this book. They were complete instigators and really were the driving force in Spencer believing in himself. At the same time, Charlotte’s friend Beth was the same way! Between Beth, Wyatt, Anthony and Spencer’s trio, secondary character development was ON POINT! I’m always a huge advocate for secondary characters, and man did these guys really take the cake.

As for the relationship and it’s unsteadiness, this was so great! Insta-love is a new thing i’m subscribing to and I love how Spence and Lottie went about it. These two were just struck stupid with insta-love. It was just so perfect. Basically the book was perfect. Ever since I had read the blurb on my blog I HAD TO READ THIS. It did NOT disappoint! It lived up to everything I’d hoped it would be. Go read it!!

~~ ♥ ~~

Text Me Baby One More Time (Text #4)

by Teagan Hunter

43908354.jpgJesus Criminy, as soon as I think I’ve found my favorite lead, Teagan brings me a new one! Shep is FAR from perfect, but that may just be what I love most about him. One of my favorite parts of this was the back and forth from when him and Denny were in High School. I loved seeing the different sides of these two.

My favorite part, was how much they hadn’t changed! They continued to be witty and sarcastic, and that made them the perfect brand of awesome. I mean for real, these two are like PB&J, CLASSIC! I loved that they constantly gave each other shit, they didn’t care what people thought of them, and weren’t afraid to be themselves. From stupid ho-bags to tiny dick jokes, the amazingness never stopped! Of course we have to have a little bit of sad, sappy and down right stupid in there, or else it just would’t be as interesting. We definitely got a good bit of that, especially the “down right stupid” from Shep. In fact I had completely forgotten about that little bomb that went off until it was mentioned at the wedding!

Now its supporting character talk time. I LOVEDDDDDDDD the involvement of Allie and AJ in this book! These two really made a difference. Of course we got the perfect amount of Zoe, Delia and Monty, but AJ and Allie really took the cake. Life just ins’t the same without a best friend, and I adored that Allie was bff’s w Denver and AJ was bff’s w Shep. It was just too darn perfect. Although, Monty had one of the best LMAO moments in the book with her talk of marrying Shep for his amazing pug, Steve. OH-EM-GEE, I can’t leave out STEVE!!! Steve was equally amazing as a secondary character, especially since it wasn’t so much about him, but the reactions to him LOLOL. The animals in these stories really help take them to a new level. LOLOL

Kudos Teagan, Kudos. I’m ready for the next guy to steal the spotlight!

~~ ♥ ~~


Scarpetta’s Winter Table (Kay Scarpetta #9.5) by Patricia Cornwell

Probably my shortest review ever. This was a mix of recipes and storyline

This was a cute short story! I loved seeing the different recipes and getting a glimpse of each of them during their holiday!


~~ ♥ ~~

Black Notice (Kay Scarpetta #10) by Patricia Cornwell

1249692.jpgThis book was rough and it had a lot of layers. Everything they dealt with concerning Benton was so sad, I balled again in this book like I had the last. Just so sad! I really hope this gives them some sort of closure though.

Then come the layers, this deaths they were investigating were so odd. I loved hearing about the different things they did to figure out what everything was, and seeing them go to the lengths they did to find answers. Then add in the crazy stuff with Chuck, Anderson and Bray, makes for quite an entertaining story! I was so curious how the situation with those three would end, and damn was I surprised with the end to this one!!! I also love that this case took them in different and more personal directions. The addition of Talley was genius. It was the perfect amount of drama and mystery that this story needed!


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