Cover Reveal: Wax Mannequin

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Wax Mannequin by Brynn Burke
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Wax Mannequin will be here June 29th!
Wax Mannequin.jpg


I’m married to my work; Anything to keep my mind busy and my body moving so I didn’t have to think of this pathetic excuse that I call my life.

Then a women walks into my world and all of a sudden it’s turned upside down. She’s dangerous, but not in the way you may think.

Dangerous because she’s broken but in the most beautiful ways.

I am determined to help her glue back all the pieces that make her broken… but she refuses to let me help. I can’ stand to see the bruises covering her body, the look of despair in her eyes- it breaks a piece of me deep inside. I want to tell her that she owns me, owns my heart and that every time we are together I fall for her just a little bit more.
But she’s not ready for that yet.

Honestly, I don’t know if she will ever be ready for another man’s affection. I’m a patient man, for as long as it takes I will wait.

She will be mine.

Wax Mannequin Full.jpg

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